Which industrial aluminum profiles can be used in the automated assembly line industry

by:Zeyi     2021-06-29
The automated assembly line is also called the assembly line. Its frame is composed of industrial aluminum profiles, which are divided into many types according to different functions. Most of them are the belt line assembly line, the chain plate line assembly line and the drum assembly line. It is a combination of human and machine. An industrial production mode can be transported to a designated itinerary, and can also complete many different tasks simultaneously. The transport volume is quite large, and the efficiency is much higher than that of manual production. Therefore, assembly line equipment is inseparable in industrial production. The assembly line equipment of the electronics factory is generally a belt line assembly line, because the products of the electronics factory are usually small and exquisite, and the belt line can be installed on the industrial aluminum profile frame to bear the weight. Some assembly lines are also equipped with aluminum profile workbenches for placing some tools and materials. There are also some workbenches that need anti-static, which are also made of industrial aluminum profiles, which can play a role of anti-static and ensure the safety of production. If it is an automobile manufacturer, many parts and components must be completed by assembly lines during production. Because of the large output of automobiles and low manual production efficiency, assembly lines are indispensable. Robots are used in welding and assembly workshops. The outside of welding robots should be protected by a protective cover made of industrial aluminum profiles. This protective cover is generally composed of aluminum profiles and acrylic plates, aluminum plates or plexiglass plates to prevent Sparks splash into human eyes; the final assembly robot must be surrounded by industrial aluminum profile safety fences. This fence is generally composed of mesh and is also used to divide the safe area. The assembly line is also used in the assembly workshop to assemble the parts and the shell. In order to save space, a hoist is also used. The hoist must also be enclosed by industrial aluminum profile safety fences to prevent the shell or parts from being scattered and hurting the work. personnel. The assembly lines in the food production workshop are also used very much. Usually there are belt line assembly lines and drum assembly lines. The aluminum profiles used in this type of assembly line do not need too much load-bearing capacity, but must have high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Equipped with aluminum profile wire rod racks, the produced products can be quickly transferred to the next step, which not only ensures food hygiene but also improves production efficiency. The requirements for aluminum profiles used in chemical raw material production lines are relatively high. They must have a certain load-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Generally, drum and chain plate line assembly lines are used; the material vehicles used must also have a certain load-bearing capacity. Ability, because chemical raw materials are generally heavy and corrosive, the use of industrial aluminum profiles can just meet its needs, and it can also ensure that the operator’s body is not harmed. It is precisely because the industrial aluminum profile profile has a certain load-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and bright color, so wherever there is a production line, it is necessary to use industrial aluminum profile profile racks, safety fences, protective covers, turnover vehicles or The aluminum profile workbench, while carrying goods, can also ensure that the goods are not contaminated. It can be used in other places after disassembly. It is durable and is the number one contributor to ensuring personal safety, reducing business costs and improving work efficiency.
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