Which spacecraft are using aluminum alloy profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-17
In 2014, my country successfully launched a Long March 7 carrier rocket at the Wenchang Rocket Launch Site in Hainan, marking the official launch of China's Manned Space Engineering Space Laboratory project. In fact, aluminum alloy profiles have played a vital role in the success of the current spacecraft's ascent to the sky and soaring into space. The following are which aluminum alloy profiles are used in spacecraft.  Rocket Propellant   Rocket propellant is divided into liquid and solid two types. The solid rocket propellant contains a certain amount of aluminum powder. Because the solid rocket fuel mainly relies on a large amount of gas produced after the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate to generate thrust. If a certain amount of aluminum powder is added to it, during the combustion process, the aluminum powder can react with the oxygen generated after the decomposition of ammonium perchlorate to generate a large amount of heat, thereby greatly improving the energy and speed of the rocket jet.  Rocket Shell  The shell of the rocket is also called the skin of the rocket. This layer of skin is mainly made of aluminum alloy. This material has high strength, corrosion resistance, low cost, and the best overall performance in rocket flight. It is the best choice for skin. Moreover, the most important thing is the light weight of aluminum alloy, which can minimize the weight of the rocket. People describe a rocket as a thin-skinned large stuffing. If the skin is thinner, more stuffing (fuel) can be loaded, and the power will be greater, and it can lift a larger mass satellite.   Take the Long March 5 launch vehicle as an example. The thickness of the skin panel of the rocket fairing is only 0.3 mm. Under the same strength, the weight of the rocket shell section will be reduced by more than 10%. In this way, the rocket can carry more fuel and send the payload into orbit smoothly on the premise of ensuring its sturdiness.  Fuel tank  The fuel of the rocket is mainly liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and kerosene. Among them, oxygen becomes liquid at 1 atm and -182.97°C, and hydrogen becomes liquid at 1 atm and -252.8°C. Therefore, the container for storing these two liquid gases must have excellent low temperature performance. Metals other than ordinary steel and aluminum generally have low temperature brittleness, and sufficient plasticity and toughness cannot be guaranteed below extremely low temperatures.   But aluminum alloy is completely different, its mechanics and processing and forming performance will improve with the decrease of temperature. Therefore, aluminum alloy is the best choice for manufacturing liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen storage and transportation containers. Aluminum alloy profiles have the best overall performance: low density, which is very important and outstanding for aerospace vehicles; no low temperature brittleness; good processing and formability, fairly high mechanical properties; good recyclability; weldability Excellent performance, especially easy to friction stir welding.
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