Why 4080 aluminum profile is used for the frame of the mask machine

by:Zeyi     2021-09-16
In the 2020 pneumonia epidemic, everyone must take protective measures when going out. Masks are indispensable. The transmission channel of this epidemic is through the respiratory tract and droplets. However, masks have become urgently needed materials, and many mask factories have increased The equipment and the mask machine frame are customized and processed with industrial aluminum profile profiles. During this period of time, from the sales data of the mask machine aluminum profiles, it was found that everyone bought 4080 aluminum profiles. Why? The mask aluminum profile frame chooses 4080 Aluminum profile materials can be analyzed here for everyone; the conventional small cross-sections are 15 series, 20 series, and 30 series. These three types belong to the smaller cross-sections, whether it is a mask machine or other equipment frames, in the cross-section In the selection, we choose according to the bearing capacity, so we know that the small cross-section material selection does not play the role of bearing capacity, and the entire frame may collapse during operation. Next is the 40 series. There are many models. It is no problem to make a small mask machine. As long as the scale is not very large, its carrying capacity is still acceptable. The production efficiency should be considered, and the automation equipment should be used in combination. The 4080 aluminum profile is just suitable, so it cannot be smaller than the 40 cross section when choosing. Large cross-sections are also available from manufacturers such as 50 series, 60 series, 80 series, 90 series, 100 series, 120 series, etc. The cross section is not to say that it cannot be selected, but it is wasteful and the appearance is not beautiful. I believe that through the above introduction, everyone should understand the reasons why the frame of mask machine chooses 4080 aluminum profile. We have 16 years of industry experience in frame customization, and there are many service cases. Calling for consultation can provide case references.
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