Why aluminum is more expensive than gold

by:Zeyi     2021-09-27
Why is aluminum more expensive than gold? That's because metal aluminum is generally refined by electrolysis, and it takes about 16,000 kilowatt hours of electricity to refine one ton of aluminum. Think about how difficult it was to smelt aluminum in an era when electricity was not used, so it's no wonder that aluminum is called silver gold. Even in the chemical world, aluminum is regarded as the most valuable. For example, in order to commend Mendeleev's outstanding contribution to chemistry, the Royal Society spared no expense in making an aluminum cup as a gift to him.   In fact, the relationship between the United Kingdom and aluminum does not stop there. As early as 1948, Britain was in a post-war recovery (World War II), which was very short of steel. The aircraft manufacturing industry during the war greatly promoted the aluminum alloy manufacturing industry, resulting in abundant aluminum at that time. Inspired by the aviation industry, Mr. Spen King chose the abundant aluminum alloy as the outer shell of the car. The all-aluminum body greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the car and greatly reduces the weight of the body.   With the advancement and innovation of science and technology, and the trend of environmental protection and energy saving, cars have introduced a revolutionary all-aluminum body structure. It is lighter than a steel structure car of the same strength, and the resulting fuel-saving and emission-reduction effect is very significant, and it is also helpful for maneuverability.  As aluminum alloy materials are more sensitive to heat, if traditional welding processes are used to connect body parts, there will be problems such as the material being easily deformed by heat and the strength is reduced. With the efforts of Land Rover's engineers, innovative riveting technology is used to replace spot welding, and a gluing process is used to improve the connection strength of each component. At the same time, the gluing process also helps to improve the tightness of the car body.   It is worth mentioning that 75% of the body aluminum material comes from recycled metal. Since there is no need to use high-energy-consuming processes, the energy saving in the manufacturing process can reach 95%.
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