Why are aluminum profiles more and more valued

by:Zeyi     2021-06-16
The 2019 Global Intelligent Manufacturing Exchange Conference was successfully concluded at Nanjing International Expo Center. The theme of the exchange meeting was 'Intelligent New World, New Industrial FutureThrough visiting the exhibition, I really realized my country's rapid development and global influence in the intelligent manufacturing industry. The live application cases one after another at the exhibition are really eye-catching. We found that the selection of materials for many industrial smart application cases at the venue was based on industrial aluminum profiles. Why are industrial aluminum profile profiles more and more valued by industrial enterprises? The materials of industrial aluminum profiles are mainly 6 series. The current main material is 6063-T5. At present, industrial assembly line profiles are widely used, and European technology is introduced. The application is combined with the national standard. At present, various specifications are complete, tending to be standardized, and it has become the general profile on the market, and the spare parts are complete. The industrial aluminum profile has a simple structure and diverse connection methods, which is conducive to design and use. In terms of the mechanical properties of industrial aluminum profile profile itself, the lightness and ductility of aluminum itself are more conducive to the utilization of industrial enterprises, the weight reduction of equipment, and the lightweight requirements of various fuselages. The surface of the oxidized aluminum profile is very beautiful and the performance is stable, which is very convenient for industrial enterprises to maintain. Whether it is used for mechanical equipment or workshop aluminum alloy fence transformation, it is very high-grade. The most important aspect of industrial aluminum alloy profiles is that they are very convenient to disassemble and can be reused, which saves costs in the long run. [Message]: The most important aspect of industrial aluminum alloy profiles is that they are very convenient to disassemble and can be reused, saving costs in the long run. Metal Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the processing and production of aluminum profiles for more than ten years. Mainly engaged in the custom processing of aluminum profiles, and also engaged in the processing and production of various aluminum alloy hardware accessories. It can provide long-term services such as raw material extrusion, mold design and manufacturing, mechanical deep processing and various surface treatments. We can open mold processing and customization according to customer needs, and produce qualified aluminum profile plus products for customers.
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