Why are broken bridge aluminum doors and windows more expensive than other doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-12-20
At present, the common windows in the market may be divided into three categories according to the material: broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Many customers want to choose high-quality broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, and they feel that the price is high. Today I cleaned up with you. Why are broken bridge aluminum doors and windows more expensive than other doors and windows? The price of aluminum-clad wooden windows is much higher than that of aluminum-clad windows and plastic-steel windows. However, the share of aluminum-clad wooden windows in the window market has been increasing. What makes everyone willing to pay a higher price to choose aluminum-clad wooden windows? And why do aluminum-clad wooden windows belong to the noble family? Let the editor take you to find out today! 1. What are broken aluminum doors and windows? To put it simply, aluminum-clad wooden windows are based on wooden windows. Aluminum is externally hung to make the inner wood and outer aluminum harmonize. The inner wood structure matches the natural style of interior decoration. The outer aluminum structure and the construction of the outer surface The well water does not interfere with the river water, and strengthens the anti-solation, wind and rain resistance of pure wooden windows, and puts away all people's worries about wooden products. 2. The functional advantages of aluminum-clad wooden windows: thermal insulation: Compared with aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows, aluminum-clad wooden windows have outstanding advantages in thermal insulation performance. This is because the heat transfer coefficient of the wood frame is only 1.3, far better than 3.0 of aluminum windows and 2.2 of plastic windows, and the aluminum-clad wood window composite frame has stronger thermal insulation performance. Environmental protection: According to data, the energy consumption ratio of aluminum alloy windows, plastic steel windows, and aluminum clad wood windows is 20:8:1. The aluminum alloy window frames are derived from non-renewable bauxite soil, and plastic steel windows are derived from non-renewable petroleum. Because wooden windows are natural life forms, the source is renewable wood, and only fair mining is an inexhaustible resource. 3. The melting point of fireproof aluminum alloy is 650℃, even if fireproof glass is used, it will lose its function due to the collapse of the frame and cause the glass to fall; the melting point of PVC is 120-210℃, which will produce toxic gas in case of fire, and plastic-steel windows cannot Manufactured into a fireproof window; the ignition point of the wood is 250℃, but because of its good heat insulation and the carbonized layer formed after incineration, it will not transmit the high temperature to the other side that is not incinerated and cause the remaining items to be incinerated. 4. The life span of aluminum-clad wooden windows is the most vulnerable part of plastic-steel windows and aluminum-alloy windows. Another problem of plastic-steel windows is aging. Under the action of ultraviolet rays, the macromolecular chains of the high-molecular-weight PVC resin will break, causing the material to lose its luster and discoloration. The mechanical function of the profile is reduced. Plastic-steel windows are easily deformed by heat, become brittle when exposed to cold, and have poor size and shape firmness. It is very easy to show that they cannot be opened, closed, and exposed to air and ventilation. The aluminum-clad wood window industry has a high threshold, and regular manufacturers have a wide range of imported processing equipment, such as wood optimization cutting, spraying production lines, aluminum CNC cutting production lines, etc., with high skill content and high processing accuracy. Wood, hardware, rubber strips, etc. Most of the materials are imported, and the character is better, so its life span is almost as long as the building itself. In Europe, regardless of individual villas or some maintenance and construction, aluminum-clad wooden windows have gone through a hundred years, although they are a bit old, they are still in abnormal use. 5. The color of plastic steel windows and aluminum alloy windows for home decoration is indeed richer than before, and may even be made to imitate the texture of wood, but compared with aluminum-clad wooden windows, it is cold and rigid, and the visual touch will be worse. The wood on the interior side of the aluminum-clad wooden window has a unique natural texture, flat and cordial, and does not interfere with the water of the solid wood furniture in the room. It satisfies the ancient people's psychological needs of advocating nature and seeking return, and friends who like wood decoration style , Will not miss the choice of aluminum-clad wooden windows. From the above points, we can roughly understand why aluminum-clad wooden windows are expensive.
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