Why are most of the kitchen and bathroom ceilings made of aluminum buckle plates

by:Zeyi     2021-05-16
The ceiling of the kitchen, bathroom and living room, the ceiling of the bedroom are for slightly different purposes. The ceiling of the fully functional kitchen is considered to be much larger than the decorative guest bedroom, because the kitchen and bathroom are relatively large in smoke and dust, and more water vapor Space, so that dirt, moisture, rust, fire, easy to clean kitchen ceiling materials selection criteria. Building curtain wall The non-load-bearing external wall enclosure of a building is usually composed of panels and a supporting structure behind it. The thermal conductivity K value of aluminum doors and windows is less than 3W/m2·K, which reduces the heat loss by half compared with ordinary doors and windows, reduces heating costs by about 30%, and has sound insulation of more than 29 decibels. It has good water and air tightness, both up to National A1 window standard. Door and window aluminum door and window materials, the material connected to the wall. Its main feature is that the surface where it meets the wall is mostly flat, which is fixed on the wall and cannot be moved. So, what is better for kitchen and bathroom ceiling materials? 1. In the decoration of old houses with pvc board, the kitchen and bathroom can often use PVC board for ceiling. The price of pvc board is relatively cheap, bright color, light weight, and good fire resistance. However, through this kind of teaching material, it is easier to produce deformation and is not environmentally friendly. It has been a long time and the knowledge is aging and dirty. Now the decoration design pays attention to environmental protection, and very few have begun to use. 2. Sauna board The sauna board is a special sauna record sheet that can also be used on the bathroom ceiling, balcony, degreasing, after high temperature, not easy to deform, health and environmental protection, after treatment, it can achieve water corrosion effect and install after painting. However, the sauna board is more expensive, but once it is dismantled, it is destructive and difficult to recover, except that the sauna board will inevitably encounter trouble cracking and moldy, especially if it is an unnatural feeling, pursued by the major general sauna in the bathroom, but you can use the sauna Board balcony. 3. Waterproof gypsum board Waterproof gypsum board can be directly used on the ceiling of kitchen and bathroom after being waterproofed. However, if we do not handle the work in place in the construction and production process, after the absorption of moisture expands, the edges and corners of the gypsum board are prone to cracking, and it is difficult to disassemble. Generally, ordinary students will not choose to use this teaching material for kitchen and bathroom decoration. Ceiling. 4. Aluminum gusset plate Aluminum gusset plate is made of metal material, which is the main material in the ceiling of kitchen and bathroom. The aluminum gusset plate uses high-quality metal aluminum as the base material, and the surface treatment process is improved. Its performance is not only fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, but also Environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable, it belongs to high-grade ceiling materials. The commonly used shapes of aluminum buckles are long, square, etc. A piece of material is convenient for installation, disassembly, and maintenance. At present, the most popular integrated kitchen and bathroom ceilings are ceiling materials and For the combination of electrical appliances, the ceiling material is mainly made of aluminum gusset. The integrated ceiling divides the ceiling into several modules, such as lighting modules, ventilation modules, heating modules, etc. These modules can be assembled freely or installed separately, which is very convenient. When buying aluminum buckles, observe that the thin and thick plates are uniform, the plates are smooth, but also the flexibility and toughness of aluminum buckles. By choosing a template, bend it by hand. After the aluminum is bent with a good taste, it will rebound to a certain extent. It is best to choose a strong galvanized metal frame for the keel and aluminum buckle ceiling. The galvanized metal frame technology directly affects its moisture resistance. Better quality after galvanized metal frame, the surface is thin. It can be noted that if you buy the top surface of the keel galvanized sheet. If the snowflake pattern is clear and the hand feels hard, it is a better quality of the small gap keel.
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