Why are the prices of industrial aluminum profile manufacturers different

by:Zeyi     2021-07-26
profile is an environmentally friendly and reliable industrial material with great market prospects. There are also many aluminum.com/industrial-aluminum-profile.html' target='_blank'>industrial aluminum profile manufacturers. Although there are many in number, their strengths vary greatly, and their respective advantages are also different. Therefore, for customers, the wholesale prices of industrial aluminum profile profiles are different for each 'manufacturer'. Some have extremely low prices, and some have relatively high prices. Why is there such a difference in the same product? First, the raw materials are different, and the raw materials selected by the manufacturers with extremely low prices contain scrap aluminum, so the cost of raw materials is greatly reduced. The higher price ratio is 100% pure aluminum, which guarantees precision, hardness and service life. Second, manufacturers have different strengths and different requirements for products. Very low prices are more inclined to sell products and often omit the requirements for product quality. Higher prices have higher requirements on product quality, no defective products are allowed to flow into the market, and no phenomenon of deceiving sellers is allowed. Third, the industry experience and the pursuit of the market are different for the business leaders. Entrepreneurs with low prices may be inexperienced and only want to open up the market and broaden their sales, because a low price caters to consumers' low purchase requirements. Higher-priced entrepreneurs have rich experience in the industry. The price of Metal Products Co., Ltd. is moderate, worthy of every customer, and has higher requirements for its own product quality.
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