Why are the prices of industrial aluminum profiles of the same specification different?

by:Zeyi     2021-07-02
Many people will make inquiries and purchases on the Internet. After a round, they will find that the prices of industrial aluminum profiles of the same specifications sold by different manufacturers are different. Everyone knows that the price of aluminum profiles is transparent, so if the price is lower than the market price, it is not recommended to purchase. So why is there a different price for profiles of the same specification? Let me explain the metal below. 1. The raw materials for casting are different. Even if everyone has the same specifications and models, the quality of the raw materials for casting has a great impact on the price of the finished product. The prices of high-quality aluminum rods and recycled aluminum ingots are much different, so the price of casting into finished profiles will also be much different. 2. The deep processing technology of the product is different. Deep processing technology includes many, such as oxidation, extrusion, straightening, cutting, smelting, etc., everyone uses the thickness of the oxide film. The thicker the thickness of the oxide film, the better its anti-corrosion effect, and the higher the corresponding cost. Therefore, many low-priced manufacturers will do some tricks in the processing technology. 3. The standard of product thickness is not standardized. An analogy: the same type of aluminum profile has a thickness of 5 mm on the periphery and a thickness of 3 mm at the center. In this case, many manufacturers have different names. Most manufacturers will directly call the thickness of 5 mm, without mentioning that the center thickness is only 3 mm, and then unknowing users will go directly to the same model of 5 mm. For example, I found a product of the same model with a thickness of 5 mm inside and outside, and its price is definitely more expensive than the previous one. Therefore, for the more expensive aluminum profiles, users need to be more judgmental. In fact, to judge which profile manufacturer is of good quality, you can look at some test certificates, or request a sampling section from the manufacturer, and then you can compare it by yourself. The above is the content of 'the same specifications of industrial aluminum profile profiles, why the prices are differentSource manufacturer, spot direct sale, affordable price, welcome to consult.
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