Why choose aluminum alloy for kitchen doors instead of wooden doors?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-28
Most of the toilet doors and kitchen doors in the home choose aluminum alloy doors, not wooden doors? Generally, wooden doors will be damp, moldy and deformed seriously in humid weather! Some people will choose to use cheaper plastic steel doors and windows. Then, the editor will comprehensively analyze the performance characteristics of aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows:   1, wind pressure strength And watertight performance: Due to the low material strength and rigidity of the plastic steel window, although the steel lining is strengthened by processing, its wind pressure resistance and watertight performance are about two levels lower than that of aluminum windows. Moreover, because the steel lining of the plastic-steel window is not connected to the corners of the inner cavity of its profile to form a complete frame system, the plastic welding corner strength of the window frame, the four corners of the fan and the t-byte point is relatively low. 2. Airtight performance: Because the frame and fan components of the plastic steel window are welded, the airtightness of the plastic steel window should be slightly better than that of the screwed aluminum alloy window, but the aluminum window profile has higher dimensional accuracy, and the frame and fan are closely matched. So the two are still at the same level.  3. Thermal insulation performance: The thermal insulation performance of aluminum windows is not as good as that of plastic steel windows. When taking a bath, the heat energy consumption is lower!   4. Daylighting performance:   The lighting performance of plastic-steel windows is worse than that of aluminum windows. The shading area of u200bu200bsingle frame members is about 10% larger than that of aluminum windows. The visual field and decorative effects are poor, which is not conducive to the energy-saving of architectural lighting. Consumption. The kitchen and toilet are in the backlight of the apartment type, so the lighting performance cannot be ignored.  5. Sound insulation performance:   Aluminum windows and plastic steel windows have basically the same level of gap sealing, and their sound insulation performance is basically the same.  6. u200bu200bFireproof performance:   The fireproof performance of flame-retardant PVC plastic-steel windows is better than that of combustible wooden windows, but it is worse than that of non-combustible aluminum alloy windows.  7. Lightning protection and static electricity issues:   Aluminum alloy is a good electrical conductor, so when it is used as a building envelope, effective grounding measures can be used as lightning protection facilities and prevent static electricity.   8. Decorative:    plastic steel windows are mainly white as exterior windows of buildings, which cannot meet the colorful and colorful exterior wall decoration needs of various buildings.  9. Aging problem:   PVC plastic profiles will age. Under the action of ultraviolet rays, the macromolecular chains of the polymer PVC resin will break, causing the surface of the material to lose luster, discoloration and pulverization, and the mechanical properties of the profile are reduced. The aluminum alloy has the function of anti-aging.   10. Deformation and expansion problems:    plastic steel windows are easily deformed by heat, become brittle when exposed to cold, and have poor dimensional and shape stability. It is often necessary to use the rigidity of the glass to prevent the window frame from being deformed. The aluminum alloy has the advantages of high temperature resistance and deformation resistance.
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