Why choose industrial aluminum profiles for custom clean rooms

by:Zeyi     2021-09-03
The clean room is also called a clean room, a clean room, a dust-free protection room, etc. The clean room generally has high environmental requirements. The main function of the clean room is to isolate dust and ensure the cleanliness of the area. The processing workshop of the general enterprise Or electronic factory processing workshops are more used. There are many materials for custom clean rooms on the market, but in contrast, industrial aluminum profiles are economical and durable. profiles are mainly used to make the overall frame, ceiling and surrounding frames of clean room workshops. The industrial aluminum profile profile is matched with the corresponding aluminum connection parts, so that the industrial aluminum profile frame and the plate are seamlessly connected, making the installation of the clean room workshop simple and fast. The aluminum profiles can be connected by cross punching and corner fittings with bolts and nuts. The bottom is supported by metal hoofs, and plexiglass can be installed around the baffle, which can easily see the inside of the clean room. Very industrial aluminum profiles can be used with corresponding accessories, so the clean room is simple and convenient to install. If it needs to be moved or disassembled later, only the connected parts need to be disassembled. When selecting materials for clean rooms, we need to consider the bearing capacity of aluminum profiles. We can choose a suitable series of aluminum profiles according to the use scene and endurance. The clean room requires clean and pollution-free, so generally more right angles are used to prevent entry For dust, the most commonly used in clean rooms is the 40 series aluminum profiles. The above is the reason why the clean room chooses aluminum profiles. We produce and process various aluminum profiles and aluminum profile connectors. Customers are welcome to consult and purchase!
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