Why do aluminum profiles need sand surface oxidation treatment?

by:Zeyi     2021-10-25
Aluminum profiles are generally divided into two surface treatments: chemical sandblasting and sandblasting. Chemical sand is a one-step surface treatment before aluminum profiles are oxidized. Sandblasting is an industrial aluminum profile through a sandblasting machine. The sandblasting machine will spray very fine sand balls to hit the uniform small pits on the surface of the aluminum profile. It looks like a matte effect on the surface of the sand to the naked eye, which is gentler than the bright appearance. Silicon carbide has different numbers of objects, the more eyes, the finer the sand. Intrinsic alumina sandblasting is a physical phenomenon, so the cavity of molding sand cannot be sandblasted, while chemical sand is the reaction of reagents with aluminum, and any surface will produce a uniform sand surface effect. As for why many people like sand aluminum profiles, there are the following reasons: 1. Matte materials make people feel more gentle and low-key. 2. Some industrial fields are not suitable for reflective materials. Sandblasted alumina profile 3. The aluminum profile treated with sand can cover the extruded grains (extruded aluminum profile will have extruded particles). 4. The sand surface can remove tiny burrs/protrusions on industrial aluminum profiles. 5. The sand surface can also remove the oxide film on the surface of industrial aluminum profile profiles, so the sand surface treatment must be carried out before oxidation. Generally speaking, the choice of surface treatment is still based on personal preference. Some people still like bright oxidized surfaces, which feel clean and fresh. These two treatment methods have no effect on the later anodizing treatment, and the oxide film still has the effect of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
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