Why do aluminum profiles need to be powder coated

by:Zeyi     2021-07-18
The main characteristics of aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profiles are small specific gravity, easy processing and high mechanical strength, and are widely used in products such as doors, windows and curtain walls of buildings. Aluminum is a relatively active light metal with silver-white luster. Its corrosion resistance has the following two characteristics:    1. The higher the purity, the better the corrosion resistance, mainly because pure aluminum interacts with oxygen in the air. The aluminum surface produces a thin, dense natural oxide film, which is formed faster and thicker than other metal oxide films, which prevents further corrosion of harmful gases and moisture in the air and plays a protective role.  2. Aluminum profile has high mechanical strength, but low corrosion resistance. Although the corrosion resistance of pure aluminum is good, the mechanical strength is poor, which restricts the application of aluminum to a certain extent. For this reason, people add appropriate amounts of magnesium, copper, zinc and other metals to aluminum to make various types of Alloy profiles greatly improve the mechanical strength of aluminum and greatly expand the application range, but the corrosion resistance is worse than that of pure aluminum, so it may be corroded due to oxidation. This requires powder coating to protect the aluminum alloy profile.   In addition to high corrosion resistance, powder-coated aluminum profiles also have many advantages such as diversified colors and good surface texture, which echoes with various colors of architectural exterior wall coatings to adapt to different building styles.
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