Why do builders choose more and more aluminum profiles for curtain walls

by:Zeyi     2021-09-27
Guangdong Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum profiles, specializing in the production of aluminum profiles for construction, industry, decoration, doors and windows. In the past few years, it has won honors such as Guangdong Famous Brand Products and China Well-known Trademarks. Nowadays, when many builders choose curtain wall materials, they are more and more inclined to curtain wall aluminum profiles. What is the reason? Today I will give you a detailed introduction!   curtain wall aluminum profile:    nowadays, aluminum is the most used metal structure material in the construction industry after steel. The main projects that use aluminum in the construction industry are aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls. Aluminum has good material properties, such as: low density (2710kg/m3), suitable strength, good chemical stability, easy to keep clean, high conductivity, good radiation performance, suitable for anodizing, and easy to process.  The curtain wall profile generally adopts 6063-T5 aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy. The production process is to add the required chemical components to the pure aluminum ingot solution and continuously cast them into various specifications of aluminum alloy profiles.   These are the reasons why the builders will choose more and more curtain wall aluminum profiles. I hope to help you!  Guangdong Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. is the largest wholesaler of mid-to-high-end curtain wall aluminum profiles, with excellent prices, high quality, 24-hour stock supply, and the most complete color and thickness.   has the advantages: anti-rust, high purity, high quality, no color difference, good stability, fast delivery and thoughtful service. The price of direct shipment from manufacturers is more affordable, and it is praised as the most affordable aluminum company by users all over the country.
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