Why do doors and windows like to use aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-26
In daily life, aluminum is used in many places, especially sliding doors and windows. The frequency of aluminum is quite high. In fact, there are many alternative materials, so why do most consumers choose to use aluminum as the main material for doors and windows? Next, the editor will talk about why aluminum is so popular?  First of all, aluminum profiles are light in weight. Compared with other materials such as stone, solid wood, and steel frame, the weight of aluminum profile is relatively light, especially when installed on some building structures that are not subject to heavy gravity. Secondly, the aluminum profile has high strength and strong corrosion resistance. Although aluminum profile is light in weight, its strength is not inferior to other building materials. It is because of its strong corrosion resistance, so this material can be used in many places in life. Because there are often dirt and the like outside the doors and windows. If you use wood structure, it is easy to be corroded, and then use aluminum alloy structure without worrying about this problem.  Another important aspect of aluminum profiles is that they are extremely malleable. In many building structures, building structures of various shapes will be encountered. If other materials are used, they will not fit well with the building structure. But the aluminum alloy profile is different. It has a variety of shapes and can be customized according to specific needs, so it is the most practical and convenient to use in the actual application process. In addition to the main features of    aluminum profiles, people are paying more and more attention to the aesthetic aspect in door and window decoration. If a building material is not beautiful enough, many people will choose to abandon the building material. Aluminum alloy profiles have many different colors and different shapes, and different aluminum profiles can be selected for decoration according to different decoration styles of the room.   I believe everyone has read it and understands why aluminum profiles are used in doors and windows so much. In fact, aluminum profiles are mainly characterized by light weight, high strength, strong plasticity, and rich variety to serve the requirements of contemporary architecture.
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