Why do many companies need clean rooms

by:Zeyi     2021-09-22
Due to the current social situation, there are many applications of clean rooms in 2020. In addition to the medical industry, some food industries, liquid crystal industries, and all robotic industries need clean rooms. Why do we need clean rooms? Here we have to mention the advantages of clean rooms. The advantages of the clean room are as follows: 1. It can be used alone or in combination: because most clean rooms are custom-made from industrial aluminum profile profiles, and the aluminum profile connection is a special fitting connection, not the one that is welded, so All of its structures can be used alone or in combination. 2. Compared with civil construction or prefabricated 100-class clean room, it has less investment, quick results, simple installation and low operating cost. Because it is a custom-made clean room with aluminum profiles or steel structures, the investment in indoor installation is less effective and can be quickly put into use. 3. Modular structure, easy to improve the cleanliness level, strong scalability, and high reuse value: the main frame of the general clean room can be assembled, disassembled and reused. Of course, extension is also possible. 4. Easy to move: the bottom of the clean room can also be installed with universal casters, so the clean room can be moved! The above briefly introduces the advantages of the 'aluminum clean roomadvisory!
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