Why do so many people find that the sound insulation effect of the windows is average when installing bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-05-16
At present, many people use broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, because everyone knows the advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and the sound insulation characteristics, many customers choose to use broken bridge aluminum doors and windows for decoration, but some customers are installing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, I found that sound insulation The windows were not as good as expected, which was mainly due to the following reasons after the meeting ended. Unqualified quality: At present, in order to save time and cost, some door and window manufacturers in my country will use some door and window materials with poor quality of life for social production. These research materials include broken bridge aluminum profiles and sealing strips, such as Some of our manufacturers use profiles that can't reach 1.4mm, which makes the sound insulation and heat insulation effect of the windows relatively poor, while some manufacturers use inferior materials or the specifications and models of the sealing strips are too small to develop an effective sealing effect. In addition, some manufacturers have encountered environmental problems due to unqualified workmanship. For example, the verticality and flatness of the installation of the broken aluminum window sash cannot meet the requirements, resulting in the window sash being closed and unable to obtain an effective method to carry out self Closed. Installation failure: Installation failure also causes a major problem of poor sound insulation, and installation failure is mainly reflected in the following aspects. The first major aspect is that part of the window frame is transferred and the wall does not achieve effective sealing. The usual practice is to spray in foaming water, then brush, and use the weather-resistant sealant on the final surface layer. The second point is the appearance of the window frame profile or damage during installation. If the door and window profiles are not tightly spliced, if they are subjected to external forces, cracks may occur, etc., which will lead to serious decline of the soundproof window. Environmental analysis issues: For some corporate customer relationships, the main reason for this kind of social problem research is that the installation work environment of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows does not match the actual living environment, for example, sometimes the installation site is outside the road or factory noise In a relatively large environment, and at this time, if we only choose ordinary broken bridge aluminum windows, the sound insulation effect of their broken bridge aluminum windows in this case is indeed not very good, because China The sound insulation effect of ordinary broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is better in normal learning environment management. Compared with those with relatively large noise, it is better for teachers to choose special sound insulation doors and windows. Therefore, at this time, the choice of broken bridge aluminum windows should be based on our solution to the actual outdoor noise situation to make a reasonable choice.
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