Why do so many people like German-style doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-12-18
The introduction of German system door and window glue spray technology is a major improvement to the traditional assembly process of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Combining with German leading technology, Xinhaoxuan adopts the combination structure of aluminum alloy angle code + plastic guide film to realize mechanical impact angle and pin group angle. After the corners are combined, the spray holes on the frame fan profile inject the two-component corner glue imported from Germany into the inner cavity of the profile. The frame and fan edge cantilever are reinforced with stainless steel. Pin glue injection technology takes Stuttgart's high-performance system window as an example. The entire window is composed of more than 20 material categories and 108 components. The frame, fan unit corners and multi-channel connections all adopt needle-type glue injection technology, which can withstand pressure better than other brands of seamless welding technology, ensuring the structural strength and stability of doors and windows, and achieving industry-leading air and water tightness. And sound insulation and thermal insulation performance. Open the inside and pour in, the windows open more elegantly. It is understood that internal flip windows are almost the standard in Europe, and most residential projects use internal flip windows, especially in Germany. Stuttgart high-performance system windows Why do Germans like such window designs so much? Because the inner inverted window can optimize the ventilation performance, let the air enter the room from the top and side of the window, avoid directly blowing into the human body, and realize the smooth, comfortable and soft exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Nuremberg high-performance system windows meanwhile, the inverted windows are also rain-proof and dust-proof. The airflow entering the room faces the glass block. First, dust and rain are blocked, making it easier to clean and maintain. In the face of severe rainstorms, there is no need to worry about the window frame falling, which will hurt passersby. On a rainy day, you can calmly and calmly. Most German houses are designed with pitched roofs, and they wisely installed horizontal metal pallets on the eaves. When it rains, rainwater will flow from the sloping roof to the blocked sink, and then directly into the sewer through the drainage pipe erected on the outer wall. The water sealing edge design of Xinchaoxuan doors and windows is similar to the metal sealing design of German houses. It is inspired by the water sealing edge of the harmonious high-speed steel rail eaves, which can improve the waterproof performance of external window sealing many times. In addition, Xinhaoxuan doors and windows combined with German system door and window technology, using a hidden vertical drainage system, avoiding drainage holes to the air outlet, reducing the possibility of rainwater intrusion, and more directly and effectively draining rainwater to the outside world. Angry, it is impossible that there is a protruding strip on one side of the door of the German bedroom. When the door is closed, it will cover the crack of the door, so there is no peeping. Thick rubber bands are affixed to the door and door frame, which have excellent sealing performance, sound insulation and dustproof effect. From the details of these doors and windows, we can see that the Germans have vividly interpreted the details of exquisite life. Because life for them, whether it is a narrator or a witness, gives life a beautiful and pragmatic soul, so every drop of value is reflected in the picky Germans.
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