Why do you like to use broken bridge aluminum profiles to build a sun room?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-28
Nowadays, the aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profile of the broken bridge is widely used as the main frame of the sun room. Mainly because the broken bridge aluminum profile has super heat insulation performance. Please come with the editor to see how strong the thermal insulation performance of broken bridge aluminum is, and why you must choose it as the main frame material.   In the past, people tended to prefer steel structures when building sunrooms, but they gradually discovered that steel structures have many drawbacks: rust, aging, deformation, air leakage, and so on. With the improvement of people's requirements for the production process of the sun room, the broken bridge aluminum profile with more superior performance replaced the steel structure material and became the main material for the construction of the sun room.  Broken bridge aluminum divides the aluminum alloy profile into two pieces, and uses heat insulation strips to separate the indoor and outdoor two layers of aluminum alloy to separate and tightly connect them into a whole, forming a new heat-insulating aluminum profile. Completely solve the shortcomings of aluminum alloy conduction and heat dissipation.  The thermal conductivity K value of the broken bridge aluminum profile is below 3W/㎡K, which reduces the heat loss by half compared with the ordinary profile, reduces the heating cost by about 30%, and achieves a super heat preservation effect.  In winter, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows with insulation strips can reduce at least 1/3 of the heat lost through doors and windows; in summer, doors and windows with insulation strips can block heat from outside to the greatest extent.  Some businesses will mix low-quality and cheap PVC or domestic nylon insulation strips with high-quality imported nylon 66 insulation strips. They believe that even if there is a quality risk, there will be no major problems. The editor reminds everyone that you must not use inferior heat insulation strips. The quality of the heat insulation strips seriously affects the safety of the profiles and may cause the broken bridge aluminum profile to break from the joints of the insulation strips. Therefore, the material selection and manufacturing process of the insulation strip Very critical.   Warm reminder: The sun room built with inferior materials is not only used for a short time, but also has many safety hazards.  If you want to build a broken bridge aluminum sun room with superior performance, you can choose a professional and reliable sun room service provider and choose the most cost-effective high-quality materials to design the warmest and livable sun room.
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