Why doesn't aluminum rust? 

by:Zeyi     2021-05-28
Why doesn't aluminum rust?   This question is wrong. Aluminum also rusts, but aluminum does not rust like iron until the rust is finished.   Metal is oxidized by oxygen in the air, which is rust. Aluminum chemically reacts with oxygen to produce aluminum oxide, which is aluminum rust. Aluminum rust is very thin, its thickness is only one ten thousandth of a millimeter, but it is very hard and very wear-resistant. It clings to the surface of the aluminum, so that the aluminum inside cannot reach the outside air, and prevents the aluminum from continuing to rust.   Tips: Alumina film also has a 'nemesis': one is alkali and the other is acid. Alumina encounters them and chemically reacts, forming compounds, which are very easy to fall off. Dishes often contain acid and alkali ingredients, so no! want! Put the fruit wine in the dish in aluminum utensils to avoid corrosion and damage to the aluminum pan. Besides, no! want! Because the surface of the aluminum pan is gray and embarrassing, use sand to clean it. Although you wipe a layer of oxide film, the aluminum pan will be brighter, but this can only make you happy for a while. If the protective film on the surface is lost, the aluminum pan will continue to oxidize, and the gray color of the aluminum oxide will still show up in front of your eyes; and the aluminum pan is getting thinner and thinner, affecting its service life.  Why is aluminum a non-ferrous metal? Non-ferrous metals in the narrow sense are also called non-ferrous metals, which is a collective term for all metals except iron, manganese, and chromium; non-ferrous metals in a broad sense also include non-ferrous alloys (with a non-ferrous metal as the matrix (usually greater than 50%)), adding one or An alloy composed of several other elements).  Why do you say that aluminum is a flying metal?  The density of aluminum is small, only 2.7g/cm³, and there is a dense Al₂O₃ film on the surface, which prevents the internal aluminum from reacting and is not easily oxidized. It is a commonly used material for airplanes. 70% of modern airplanes are made of aluminum and aluminum alloys, so they are called flying metals.  Why is aluminum trivalent?   To put it simply, the electron arrangement outside the aluminum atom is 2, 8, 3. The number of the outermost electrons is dissatisfied, the structure is unstable, and the 3 electrons are easy to lose, so they often show positive trivalents. However, obviously the 3 electrons are more stable than the one electron in the outermost layer of Na and the two electrons in the outermost layer of magnesium. Aluminum is less active than sodium and magnesium.  Why do aluminum profiles generally need to be surface treated? If the aluminum profile is not surface treated, the appearance is not beautiful, and it is easy to be corroded in moist air, so it is difficult to meet the high decorative and weather resistance requirements of the aluminum profile in the building materials, in order to improve the decorative effect and enhance the corrosion resistance And to extend the service life, aluminum profiles generally need to be surface treated.  Why is aluminum more expensive than iron? Although the reserves of aluminum in the earth's crust are more than iron, the production process of aluminum is more complicated than that of iron. Aluminum is a relatively active metal element. The smelting requires electrolysis, and the cost of the entire production process is higher than that of iron. , So the price of aluminum is higher than that of iron.  Why do we use aluminum cans for soda cans?  Aluminum cans have the following advantages: not easy to break; light weight; opaque.  Wang Lo Kat, Eight Treasure Congee, etc. are used in relatively hard iron cans, because the packaging is not pressure-free, and aluminum cans are easily deformed. The pressure in soda is greater than normal pressure, so there is no need to worry about deformation under the action of pressure. Moreover, the aluminum can can ensure the pressure of carbon dioxide in the soda, so that the soda has a better taste effect. 
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