Why doesn't the aluminum curtain wall lose paint or fade?

by:Zeyi     2021-10-08
In the current construction industry, aluminum curtain walls have now become one of the most common curtain walls. Nowadays, builders of large and small projects are using aluminum curtain walls, so why do people like it so much? The most important point is that it can maintain a new level for a long time, can withstand wind and rain, and will not fade. It still maintains its charming appearance, which makes other products envy. Especially in the hot summer here, the outdoor temperature at noon reaches almost 40 degrees. When it rains, it's a downpour. Then our aluminum curtain wall performs very well, so what exactly makes the aluminum curtain wall the essence of paint-free? Now, the manufacturer of aluminum gusset plates of Saiyi Building Materials invites you to have an in-depth understanding. 1. The performance of the fluorocarbon coating itself is very good. When used outdoors for more than 20 years, it will still not fade and can be used indoors for 40 years. Now, many aluminum veneer manufacturers choose to use fluorine. The carbon paint is off. 2. After the sheet metal is processed, pre-spraying treatment is also required to clean the stains on the surface of the aluminum plate, such as oil stains, dust, etc., in addition, it also has anti-oxidation and chromium effects and requires treatment. After completing these steps, the fluorocarbon coating is more easily adsorbed on the surface of the aluminum plate, and the coating can be stored for a long time. 3. Under normal circumstances, aluminum veneer manufacturers will perform natural leveling and high temperature drying in the paint room, because natural leveling will make the surface more evenly distributed, use 180 degrees Celsius to dry at 200 degrees Celsius, paint film and aluminum plate The bonding effect is better and tighter, so even if exposed to the sun, the paint will not fall off. 4. The electrostatic spraying method makes the paint film more uniform and makes the surface of the finished product smoother and more beautiful.
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