Why is aluminum more expensive than iron?

by:Zeyi     2021-12-18
In fact, the most abundant metal in the earth's crust is aluminum, which accounts for 7.45% of the total mass of the earth's crust. Although there are more reserves of aluminum in the earth's crust than iron, the production process of aluminum is much more complicated than that of iron. Moreover, aluminum is a relatively active metal element. The cost of smelting in the entire production process through electrolysis is higher than that of iron, so the price of aluminum is higher than that of iron. Why do aluminum materials generally need surface treatment? Aluminum materials do not undergo surface treatment, their appearance is not beautiful, and they are easily corroded in humid air. Therefore, it is difficult for building materials to meet the high decorative and weather resistance requirements of aluminum materials. In order to improve the decorative effect, enhance the corrosiveness, and extend the life span, aluminum materials generally require surface treatment. The aluminum factory has anodizing, powder coating, spraying fluorocarbon coating, electrophoretic coating, leg breakage and other technological means, which can meet the individual needs of customers.
Why are corner fittings so popular on industrial aluminum profile profile frames?
Why aluminum profile workbenches are popular because they are easy to assemble and disassemble and do not require welding. So why is angle steel more popular when assembling aluminum profile workbenches? This is because the corner pieces make it easy to connect the aluminum profiles, do not need to be punched, and are strong and durable. The application of corner pieces on the workbench is mainly divided into two situations: In the first case, the corner pieces are used as the workbench frame connection and used as the workbench frame connection. The corner pieces used are usually determined according to the specifications of the profile, and the bolts And nuts can be used to directly fix them in the online process. In the second case, the corner pieces are used as connecting panels. The corner pieces used to connect the panels are usually corner brackets. For example, according to the specifications of the profile used, 2020 corner pieces and corner pieces made of 3030 corner aluminum are used. The blank space is processed and finally locked with bolts and nuts. The upper two corner pieces are connected by bolts and nuts, but the holes need to be pre-machined when connecting the panels. The above are aluminum corner pieces. There are two different applications for aluminum profile tables.
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