Why is the surface of industrial aluminum profiles yellowing?

by:Zeyi     2021-07-19
profiles are made from aluminum ingots through hot melting, extrusion and surface treatment. Extrusion and surface treatment are important steps. The extrusion speed is also affected by the cooling temperature and the spraying process, which will cause many surface problems, such as bubbles, yellowing and color difference in industrial aluminum profiles. Let's analyze the reasons for the yellowing of the surface of industrial aluminum profiles. 1. Caused by the extrusion process. In order to improve the hardness of industrial aluminum profile profiles and maintain the stability of other mechanical properties, it is necessary to take out the industrial aluminum profiles after extrusion and then quench and cool them. At this time, the choice of coolant is very important. Is it water or other oil-based coolants? Different natural methods have different effects. If it is cooled with water, because aluminum is a chemically active metal element, it is easy to combine with oxygen in the air to form Al2O3, and Al2O3 reacts with other impurities or gases in the air to form chemical products. If the control is not good, it will cause defects such as yellowing on the surface of the profile, which will affect the appearance quality. 2. The surface oxide film of the extruded industrial aluminum profile caused by the surface treatment process is very thin and soft, the performance is unstable, and the corrosion resistance is not strong, so it needs to be anodized. A dense oxide film is formed on the surface, which can enhance the mechanical properties and appearance properties of industrial aluminum profiles. Before anodizing, surface pretreatment is required to remove oil stains and oxide film on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles. It should be noted that water washing needs to be thorough to prevent subsequent anodic oxidation, which may cause the oxide film to not be well colored and cause yellowing of oxidation. The above is the content. If you still have questions about industrial aluminum profiles, you are welcome to consult. For 16 years, we have focused on industrial aluminum profile processing and customization, and the quality is more reliable!
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