Why optimize the design of aluminum profile frame

by:Zeyi     2021-09-21
Aluminum profile frame design is the process of drawing out drawings after the aluminum profile technical engineer and the user communicated the requirements when the aluminum profile project was still in its infancy. Optimizing the design of the aluminum profile frame is responsible for the user, the reputation of the company, and also the own work. Where is the importance of optimizing aluminum frame design? The aluminum profile frame design is based on the user's needs and the experience of the aluminum profile technical engineer. Therefore, the frame drawings designed by each technical engineer may be different. Why do you need optimization? In fact, it is to make the structure simpler, the appearance of the plug-in is more high-end, and the cost control is lower. These three things are valued by all aluminum frame project integrators. How to do it? It is necessary to continuously optimize the design. Optimizing the design of the aluminum profile frame project not only needs to know the user's ideas and expectations, but also based on actual experience. It should not damage the quality and service life of the entire project for the sake of cost. It must be realistic. Nowadays, many aluminum profile manufacturers prefer to use profiles with small cross-sections instead of those with large cross-sections in order to save costs. But in addition to cost, all aluminum profile frame projects are more important to stability and safety! Therefore, we must take safety into consideration when considering optimizing the design of aluminum profile frames.
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