Why should LED lamps be made of aluminum profiles?

by:Zeyi     2021-09-30
At present, high-power LED lamps are generally made of aluminum, such as die-cast aluminum, car aluminum, and stretched aluminum.   The housing of the LED lamp is made of blister acrylic sheet, which absorbs light evenly, so the light emitted through the acrylic sheet is very soft and the color is very pure.  The function of the LED lamp shell is that it not only covers the lamp to gather light, but also prevents static electricity, and also protects the eyes. Therefore, each lamp has a lamp shell. Compared with stainless steel, LED lamps and lanterns have the following advantages:   1, LED lamps need materials with good heat dissipation, and aluminum has a much larger thermal conductivity than steel;   2, aluminum profiles are easy to process, many shops can do it, and it is convenient to obtain materials; 3. There is a layer of dense aluminum oxide on the surface of aluminum, which has a good anti-oxidation and corrosion effect;    4. Finally, aluminum is cheaper than stainless steel and has a reasonable price.
What are the common uses of aluminum profiles
Aluminum profiles have the stretchability and conductivity that steel and iron do not have, and are widely used in various fields. What are the common uses of aluminum profiles on the market?   1. Aluminum profiles for doors and windows. Door and window aluminum profiles are aluminum profiles used for building doors and windows.  2, radiator aluminum profile. The radiator aluminum profile is a special radiator aluminum profile for cpu radiators.  3, aluminum alloy shelf aluminum profile. The main difference between the aluminum profile of the aluminum alloy shelf is the different cross-sectional shape, but they are all produced by hot-melt extrusion.   4. Industrial aluminum profiles. Industrial aluminum profiles are mainly used for automated machinery and equipment, the skeleton of the enclosure, and the companies that customize aluminum profiles according to their own machinery, such as assembly line conveyor belts, hoists, dispensing and testing equipment, etc., in the electronic machinery industry and non- The dust room is mostly used.   5. Furniture aluminum profiles. Furniture aluminum profiles are mainly used in the production of various new types of furniture.
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