Will industrial aluminum profiles conduct electricity?

by:Zeyi     2021-08-23
As a light metal alloy, aluminum alloy incorporates magnesium, silicon or other metal elements. Aluminum itself is conductive, and its conductivity ranks fourth among metals, and the conductivity is still good. Some people say that the addition of alloying elements to aluminum causes the industrial aluminum profiles to be non-conductive. In fact, this statement is wrong. Although alloying elements are added to aluminum alloys, most of them are still aluminum, which has almost no effect on electrical conductivity. Then the industrial aluminum profile profiles we usually use are non-conductive. What is the reason? This is because the surface of the industrial aluminum profiles we usually use has generally been anodized. Anodizing forms a dense oxide film on the surface of the aluminum profile. Because aluminum oxide is non-conductive, the aluminum profile wrapped in aluminum oxide also becomes an insulator. Someone has to say, aluminum alloy can form a natural oxide film on the surface even in the air. Why is the aluminum profile that has not been anodized can conduct electricity? In fact, the naturally formed oxide film is very thin and the film thickness is not uniform, which can not play the role of insulation. There are also chemically oxidized aluminum profiles. The film thickness is only 3~5μ, and it is also conductive. If the material has electrical conductivity requirements, chemical oxidation can be used if it is necessary to prevent corrosion.
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