4 steps for assembling aluminum profile turnover cart

by:Zeyi     2021-06-30
The installation methods of aluminum profile turnover carts and aluminum profile test benches are similar, and the operating steps are basically the same. We all know that industrial aluminum profile turnover carts are used for logistics turnover, but there are still many people who don't know how to install aluminum alloy profiles. Turnover car, so today we will focus on what are the steps to install the aluminum turnover car! First, look at the turnover car installation drawings. When we buy the aluminum turnover car, we usually have installation drawings. We must first check the turnover. Whether there is a shortage of car spare parts, and then classify the assembly parts to facilitate subsequent installation. 2. Assemble the overall frame We roughly install the overall frame of the turnover car according to the drawings. The following matters are very simple, as long as the parts are installed step by step according to the drawings. 3. Mounting the countertop The countertop installation is actually very simple, because the countertop needs to be in contact with the material and needs to bear the weight. We only need to install the countertop firmly and with some aluminum accessories, you can quickly install it. 4. Installing the casters It is very simple to install the casters. We connect the casters with the aluminum profile bolts and then tighten them. ; The above is the installation process of the aluminum turnover car installation, if you don’t know, you can consult the customer service!
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