4 ways to reduce scratches on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-19
On the surface of aluminum profiles, we can usually see many scratches. Scratches are common surface defects in the extrusion process of industrial aluminum profile profiles. If the scratches are on the inside, there may be foreign matter stuck to the mold. If the scratches are on the outside, they may be caused during loading and handling. How can we reduce the scratches on the surface of the aluminum profile? Let's talk about it. The main elimination methods are: 1. The working belt of the extrusion die and the empty knife of the extrusion die should be processed smoothly. 2. The die should be carefully checked when installing the die to prevent the die with small cracks from being used. 3. Frequently check the cooling bed and finished product storage table to prevent hard protrusions from scratching the product. 4. When loading, place a spacer that is softer than the product, and the transportation and hoisting should be stable and carefully operated. The above are 4 ways to reduce scratches on the surface of industrial aluminum profile profiles; if you have any questions about aluminum profiles, please consult online customer service!
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