8 problems that should be paid attention to in the processing of industrial aluminum products

by:Zeyi     2021-05-11
I don't know if you are familiar with industrial aluminum profile processing workers. Actually, you don't know much, so many people are thinking about what characteristics of the aluminum processing industry need to pay attention to. The following editorial summary can help you with relevant knowledge. 1. Under different circumstances that do not affect the number of system engineering projects, punching should be arranged after the enterprise project as much as possible. Even for products with a large number of punchings, one more important project should be considered, and the punching should be arranged later. hole. 2. All aluminum edges of the wire cutter must be smooth and slow to prevent punching burrs. Aluminum parts are prone to high temperature, the hardness is greater than 60° of the punch, at least more than 11SKD material, and there is no other differential D2 punch. 3. Aluminum is soft and mold companies are prone to blockage. Therefore, it is advisable to use different thicknesses of 10% on both sides in the design of mold working gaps. 2mm is more suitable for the straight depth of some blades, and 0.8°≤1° is the taper. 4. When bending and forming, the aluminum plate is easy to bend, causing point damage and indentation. The aluminum material needs to be pasted with polyethylene film.. In the case of rollers and electroplating, the molded block is polished and hard chrome plated. 5. Because industrial aluminum profile is very brittle and easy to crack, especially in the case of reverse flanging, try not to crimp the wire, even if you want, you should make the wire wider and lighter. 6. For the mechanical processing of stamped parts and anodes, if the straightening and straightening process is 180°, the product cannot be completely suppressed, and the discharge phenomenon will be completely suppressed to produce acid, leaving a 0.2-0.3 mm slit to make acid The flow is smooth and timely, the block must be restricted during the manufacturing process, and the mold must be larger than the calibration mold. 7. Some other special alloys and common alloys should be aged separately before charging industrial aluminum profile. When the main reason for production is that we really need to use the same furnace for aging, we should use a special alloy technology to analyze the aging. 8. and control set temperature: processing, usually between the temperature and the apparent temperature error is constant, the set surface temperature should be set according to the actual furnace temperature, the fluctuation of the temperature is pointed out.
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