Basic knowledge of curtain wall aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-08-23
The main materials of building curtain walls are aluminum profiles and glass. Aluminum profiles are here to talk about the basics of curtain wall aluminum profiles:    One: Aluminum profiles, common composite aluminum panels, perforated aluminum panels and thermally insulated bridges. 1. Composite aluminum plate Composite aluminum plate, also called aluminum-plastic plate, has a three-layer structure, with 0.1-0.3 thick aluminum layers on both sides, and the middle and low-pressure polyethylene (high-density polyethylene) is the main sandwich material in the middle. The molecular material is bonded with vinegar glue. The core material and glue contain toxic ingredients, and have poor fire resistance, weather resistance, durability, and anti-aging properties. When burning or high temperature, or even under sunlight, they will release to the human body. Poisonous gases that are harmful to health;      generally share lightning protection devices with the main body of the building during installation, while the composite aluminum plate core material and fasteners are poor conductors of electricity.   Due to the strength of the material itself, its strength against wind pressure is not high. At present, high-rise buildings in advanced foreign countries rarely use composite aluminum panels as curtain walls, but use single-layer aluminum panels with relatively high safety and reliability. Those who support this view believe that after years of development, composite aluminum plates have gradually matured in technology. The materials are generally processed for corrosion resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, flexural resistance and compression resistance before they leave the factory, and they have a certain degree of safety in use. And reliability. In high-rise buildings, composite aluminum panels are used as curtain walls. Although the requirements for wind pressure resistance are high, the compressive strength is not only related to the quality and performance of the wall material itself, but also involves the installation size specifications, the length and width ratio of the panels, and the sparseness of the keel configuration The degree of confidentiality and so on. If strictly in accordance with the requirements of construction specifications, composite aluminum panels that generally meet the quality indicators can be used as curtain walls for high-rise buildings.  As far as the designer is concerned, in addition to ensuring its safety in use, the composite aluminum curtain wall is mainly considered from two aspects: architectural modeling and post-construction maintenance. Because the aluminum plate has a large area, strong plasticity, sophisticated manufacturing technology, a distinctive look and feel of surface metal texture, it is very modern, and there are many color varieties, so it can better reflect the designer’s design ideas. One. And the materials we usually use usually change quickly over time, or are difficult to clean up after being dirty. All these undoubtedly increase the difficulty of maintenance and make it look older after three to five years. The advantage of easier cleaning of curtain walls is the second reason why designers are willing to adopt aluminum curtain walls. However, the use of aluminum curtain walls in high-rise or super high-rise buildings should be extremely cautious. Because first, high-rise buildings usually have large external walls, and the investment involved is also large. If they are not used well, they will cause large waste. Second, most of the high-rise buildings are far away from the ground, and most of them are farther than people can see. Farsightedness can only see a big effect, it is impossible to see the level of craftsmanship of the exterior wall surface. Therefore, the necessity of using such high-grade materials for most exterior walls is debatable. Thirdly, from ancient times to the present, there are not many examples of only relying on decorative materials to decorate themselves and staying in the past. Each material has its own characteristics and advantages, and we should not judge its advantages and disadvantages from the grade and price of the material.  2, perforated aluminum plate    perforated aluminum plate is called perforated aluminum plate and perforated aluminum plate, which are formed by punching pure aluminum plate. The size and spacing of the holes can be customized. 3. The principle of thermally insulated and broken bridge-type aluminum-plastic composite windows is to use plastic profiles (1250 times higher thermal insulation than aluminum profiles) to separate and closely connect the two layers of aluminum alloy indoor and outdoor into a whole to form a whole The new heat-insulating aluminum profile, which is used for doors and windows, has the same level of heat insulation as that of plastic (steel) windows-the national standard, which completely solves the fatal problem of aluminum alloys that conduct heat quickly and do not meet energy-saving requirements. At the same time, some new forms of structural coordination have been adopted to completely solve the old problem of inadequate sealing of aluminum alloy sliding windows. The section wall thickness of the aluminum alloy doors and windows of the Broken Bridge strictly follows the national standards. The wall thickness requirements must be above 1.4mm, because the wall thickness is related to the assembly technology and the solid safety of the doors and windows. The wall thickness requirements of ordinary color aluminum doors and windows are not too strict, and are generally determined according to the market and the interests of the processed doors and windows, generally around 1.0mm. Combined with the characteristics of high wall thickness and high alloy composition of the broken bridge, it is suitable for high-end residential areas in high-rise buildings. It has good wind pressure resistance and good heat insulation, so the broken bridge window is also called high-grade airtight.
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