Basic knowledge of the purchase and maintenance of broken aluminum doors and windows.

by:Zeyi     2021-11-10
With the improvement of people's living standards, many people will choose to use high-end doors and windows broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, but in the process, many people choose, because broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are used for decoration of all ages, they don’t know how to use, purchase and maintain, so The following editor will introduce the purchase and maintenance of common sense aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges. Optional method: Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have promising materials, processing, and prices. You can purchase these three windows in the appropriate purchase process. Aluminum doors and windows are the first bridge quality material in aluminum, thickness, strength and oxide film. Should comply with relevant national standards, the wall thickness should be greater than 1.4 mm. The second is the processing quality of bridge aluminum doors and windows, fine processing, installation stress, good sealing performance, and free switching. Finally, look at the price. Generally, high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows with broken bridges are about 30% higher than the price of aluminum alloy doors and windows due to high production costs and poor quality. Some doors and windows made of aluminum alloy, the tensile strength and yield strength of only 0.6-0.8 mm wall thickness are much lower than the relevant national standards require very safe use. Therefore, you must pay attention to the thickness of the doors and windows in the process of buying broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Clean production and maintenance: Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows take a long time to learn, we need companies to develop, clean and maintain. First of all, students will compare the cleaning methods of broken bridge aluminum windows and screens. In general, the windows of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows They are all invisible screens, which mainly rely on bearings and springs to rewind the screens. When not in use, you can not only put the screens into the net box, but if you want to clean yourself, first remove the net box, then pull the screen out and take the block. Do not let the screens roll back when the towel pad is in the position of the square tube. The screens in the bedroom and the living room are only attached to provide some dust-free, rinse with water or use a soft brush to remove the dust. Turn it over to clean the other side, wash and kitchen screen Sometimes you can use some other system cleaners or detergents, and then use a brush to clean it. Then the analysis is the maintenance of the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge and the replacement of the hardware. If they encounter hardware damage during the maintenance, they must pass the replacement. The model, specification and performance of the Chinese hardware accessories must be designed and selected. Our country's current management standards and relevant laws and regulations match the company's choice of aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges. And for sliding windows with a width of no more than 1 meter, or installing double-glazed doors and windows, double pulleys should be installed, or different rolling pulleys should be used. And improve the hardware accessories should be installed according to the final, door and window locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the window and door leaves are put into the frame to ensure the correct social location information and flexible switch control. The above is some small knowledge in the procurement and maintenance of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows.. Aluminum doors and windows is a door and window manufacturer, has done many large-scale real estate door and window manufacturing and installation projects, has accumulated rich experience in door and window installation, and has excellent We will take the most professional attitude and pay attention to your most subtle problems with the most professional door and window design and manufacturing process, and fill up the flaws of your products with internationalization.
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