Benefits of aluminum surface treatment

by:Zeyi     2021-06-27
Aluminum and aluminum alloys have excellent physical, chemical and easy-to-process properties, making them the second largest category of metal materials currently used only after steel. The three major properties of aluminum and aluminum alloys make it widely used:   1, light weight (its specific gravity is about 2.7);   2, high mechanical strength can be obtained after proper alloying and heat treatment;   3, and pure metal Has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum and aluminum alloys also have excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and reflectivity; its ductility is strong and the processing cost is low; due to its non-magnetic property, high waste recycling value and its corrosion products are non-toxic and colorless, It can be widely used in the chemical and food industries. At the same time, aluminum can obtain other superior properties after different treatments.   Generally speaking, in any occasion, the choice of metal is determined according to its mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties, and its price. Because of the high price of light metals, it is necessary to consider whether it is cost-effective when selecting them. For example, the strength requirements should be considered together with lighter weight and good corrosion resistance. In addition to satisfying the mechanical properties, the selection of a special alloy still needs to consider the process method and use conditions. Among so many metals, aluminum and aluminum alloys meet the metal performance requirements of most industries. However, aluminum alloy materials have low hardness and poor wear resistance, and often wear and tear. Therefore, aluminum alloys often need to undergo corresponding electroplating processing before use to meet their environmental adaptability and safety.  Industrial aluminum and aluminum alloys require protective measures to improve their corrosion resistance. There are many methods for surface treatment of aluminum metal, such as anodizing, chemical conversion coating, electroless nickel plating, organic coating, corrosion inhibitor treatment, etc., but the method of aluminum surface treatment needs to be selected according to the following conditions:   1, the use environment, which means Exposure to indoor, outdoor, marine atmosphere and environments prone to internal stress.  2, base metal, that is, the adaptability of the selected alloy to surface finishing.  3, used for decorative purposes, such as dye anodizing, paint color matching and reflectivity, etc.  4. Special purpose, such as additional requirements for hardness, wear resistance, insulation, etc.   5. Whether the processing cost and process flow are cumbersome.
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