Daily maintenance method of industrial aluminum profile frame

by:Zeyi     2021-07-30
Although the surface of the industrial aluminum profile profile will be anodized, it is not only bright and corrosion resistant, but if you do not pay attention to maintenance in the later period, the surface of the aluminum alloy profile will appear corrosion, and the industrial aluminum profile frame is made of aluminum alloy profiles and accessories. In combination, what are the daily maintenance methods for industrial aluminum profile profile frames? 1. Anti-sharp: Although industrial aluminum profile profile products are hard, they are easily scratched by sharp objects. Therefore, industrial aluminum profile frames should be kept away from sharp objects as much as possible. 2. Wipe frequently: Although the industrial aluminum profile is corrosion-resistant, if the industrial aluminum profile frame is stained with water during use, and we do not wipe it in time, the surface of the aluminum profile will leave a watermark. Not only affects the beauty, but also causes certain damage to the frame; 3. Ground leveling: Whether the aluminum profile frame is assembled or in later use, the ground must be level to avoid the difference in the bearing capacity of the aluminum profile frame and lead to the frame. Deformation; 4. Protective film: When assembling the aluminum frame, a protective film should be attached to the surface of the frame to prevent scratches or bumps on the aluminum profile during the assembly process; 5. Diligent cleaning: If the aluminum frame is stained with some oil stains Or chemical items should be cleaned with detergent in time. Neutral detergent should be used for cleaning agent. After cleaning, it needs to be wiped dry in time; the above is the daily maintenance and maintenance of industrial aluminum frame. If you need to customize the aluminum profile frame, you can consult customer service!
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