Defects and countermeasures of surface oxidation treatment process for industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-11-22
Sandblasting of aluminum profiles refers to a sandblasting technique used to eliminate stretch marks on the surface of aluminum profiles. Oxidation refers to the formation of a protective film on the surface of the aluminum profile through the anodic oxidation process. This staining is because the oxide film is composed of a large number of hexagonal cells perpendicular to the metal surface. Each cell has a membrane hole in the center and has a strong adsorption force. When alumina is immersed in the dye solution, the dye molecules diffuse into the pores of the oxide film, forming difficult covalent bonds and ionic bonds with the oxide film to form dyeing. Sealing is because the bond is reversible and desorption occurs under certain conditions. Therefore, after dyeing, the dye must be sealed and fixed in the membrane hole. During the entire oxidation dyeing process, it is a common phenomenon that industrial aluminum profile materials have poor dyeing quality due to oxidation. The uniformity of film thickness and pores is the prerequisite and basis for dyeing to obtain uniform color. In order to obtain a uniform oxide film, sufficient circulation and cooling must be ensured, and good conductivity must be ensured. In addition, the stability of the oxidation process is also the stability of the oxidation process. As a pre-dyeing process, anodizing is the basis of dyeing. Defects of aluminum surface oxidation treatment and solutions The appearance defects of aluminum and aluminum products are often an important reason for rework. In the production process of aluminum products, the following types often occur Defects: 1. Stripe defects, such as black lines; 2. Surface spots, corrosion; 3. Surface oil pollution, different colors, etc. There are not many reasons for the defect. The oxidation treatment of spot defects on the aluminum surface. Before oxidation, if the aluminum surface is splashed with acid or alkali solution, or is affected by acid mist or alkali mist, it is easy to appear white spots on the surface, and circular spots will appear when the corrosion is serious. If there is no corrosion between crystals in the cross section, it is alkali corrosion, and corrosion between crystals is acid corrosion. Therefore, the method of controlling aluminum is to place the aluminum in a dry environment as much as possible. Corrosion after aluminum surface oxidation treatment The presence of a small amount of chloride in the oxidation tank easily leads to corrosion of aluminum, which is mainly caused by spot corrosion. The main influencing factors are temperature, alkaline washing time, Fe content, Si content in alloy composition, and extrusion state of aluminum products. In thicker extrusion stripes, spot corrosion has a certain directionality, because when the stress is concentrated, the crystal lattice changes. The preferential precipitation of ions creates conditions for the subsequent generation of spots. (Aluminum surface oxidation treatment) Surface oil pollution and different colors. Part of the dyeing color is gray and the color is poor. This may be caused by the pollution caused by the dissolved impurities in the coloring liquid during the electrolysis process. Aluminum ion pollution often occurs and has obvious adverse effects on the substrate. When electrolytic coloring, if you want to adjust and eliminate a large amount of leaking gas. Therefore, when the electrolytic coloring voltage is lower than the anodizing voltage, if a problem is found, it is recommended to increase the electrolytic coloring voltage above the anodizing voltage to solve the problem of abnormal color tone.
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