Definition of system doors and windows What are the characteristics of system doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-29
What are system doors and windows? Doors and windows are a perfect organic combination of performance systems, and a series of important functions need to be considered, such as waterproof, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sunshade, and weather resistance. As well as comprehensive performance equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, adhesives and seals, these are all indispensable, and finally form a high-performance door and window system. Features of system doors and windows The main features of system doors and windows are as follows: The main contents are as follows: (1) Pay attention to product quality, and have the link between Ru0026D and design in the early stage. One of the most important features of the door and window system is that it has been pre-designed. Product-centric, professional target positioning, design, and manufacturing are important stages of the entire system's door and window life cycle. In the pre-design, the designer adopts qualitative and quantitative (technical analysis and technical analysis based on experience, Decision-making, theoretical analysis, structural calculation, thermal calculation, inspection and testing). ). Through reasonable material selection and configuration, structural optimization, manufacturing process and quality assurance system improvement, repeated trial production, comprehensive performance optimization, etc., the system door and window technology system (including manufacturing process, quality management system, installation process, and maintenance guide) has been established Wait). )It has been identified. Therefore, we can say that system doors and windows are doors and windows that can guarantee the preset functions, performance and quality of doors and windows in theory and practice. Unlike non-system doors and windows, before mass production, system doors and windows have clear functions, performance and quality goals, and a limited range of applications. (2) After third-party certification, product attributes are stronger than engineering attributes, and product quality is guaranteed. are industrial products and the essence of system doors and windows. The experience of the development of door and window industries in advanced international countries shows that door and window product quality certification is the only way for the development of aluminum profile doors and windows. Its main function is to provide basic and measurable production management services, ensure product quality and safety, protect consumer interests, promote international mutual recognition and foreign trade, and provide support for national economic and social development. Therefore, to promote the high-quality development of the building doors and windows industry, we must attach importance to the national high-quality infrastructure. (3) After market inspection, the brand awareness and reputation of system doors and windows is relatively high, and it is a door and window brand. The development of the world's door and window industry shows that the system door and window brand has a high reputation and reputation, and the system door and window should be affixed with the door and window brand. In the development process of my country's construction door and window industry, with the gradual increase of door and window brand awareness, influential high-end door and window brands have gradually formed in China. The historical experience of the international architectural door and window industry shows that the brand of doors and windows is a development trend, while in my country, system doors and windows have brand advantages.
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