Deformation problems and countermeasures of aluminum plate curtain wall

by:Zeyi     2021-06-29
Curtain wall products are divided into two categories, one is the warm wall system, and the other is the decorative cold wall system. The main function of the warm wall system is heat preservation, that is, a wall that has a certain blocking effect on the heat exchange between indoor and outdoor. For example, the inner and outer sides are composed of aluminum plates or other metal plates, and the middle is made of polyurethane, polystyrene or Composite insulation wall made of rock wool and other insulation materials.  The decorative cold wall system has two effects on the building. One is to enhance the building effect, and the other is to prevent rainwater from scouring and corroding the building surface and improve the durability of the building. In terms of materials, aluminum, stone, glass and other materials are mostly used, and most of the parts used are the outer surface of the building with no sunlight; from the structure, it is required to maintain a certain interval with the building structure, and the rainwater leakage is designed with the principle of equal pressure. There are channels for air exchange to keep the curtain wall and the building structure dry, and the dew condensation water is easy to drain.   The more modern open hot aisle curtain wall, in principle, is to add a decorative cold wall system outside the original warm wall curtain wall. If the decorative cold wall system is constructed as a warm wall, that is, all passages on the decorative cold wall are sealed with sealant, it will bring many hidden dangers to the building.  The reason for the deformation of aluminum curtain wall  The board has no side ribs and middle ribs, which cause deformation under wind pressure and air tension.  This kind of deformation occurs mostly on curtain walls with aluminum-plastic composite panels. In order to save costs, many building owners choose informal aluminum curtain wall manufacturers at this stage. In order to obtain higher profits, the manufacturer does not install the side ribs and middle ribs in the plate processing, but only folds the aluminum-plastic plate into a box shape, and directly screwed it on the frame, and the gap between the plates is finished with glue. In this way, the panel strength of the curtain wall does not meet the requirements, and the panel produces fatigue deflection deformation inward and outward under the action of positive and negative wind pressure, which increases the size of the panel. The curtain wall that reflects the more prominent sun-facing side, because the construction process adopts the form of a warm wall to seal all the gaps between the panels with glue, the air in the space between the panel and the structural wall heats up under the effect of light, and the panels are under the action of air tension. Causes outward deformation. The panel is fixed with the curtain wall structure frame, and the thermal stress cannot be released. The aluminum curtain wall is deformed. In areas with large seasonal temperature differences, in the early spring and late autumn seasons, the heat effect of sunlight is very strong, especially the darker aluminum panels heat up Larger, the thermal expansion value of the aluminum plate per meter length differs greatly at different temperatures. The curtain wall frame is inside, and the influence of sunlight is weak. When the aluminum plate and the frame are at their maximum, the temperature difference can be over 80℃. When the aluminum plate size is large, there will be a large linear expansion difference. If the curtain wall panel structure adopts hemming, the structure of fixing the aluminum plate to the frame with screws will cause the thermal stress of the aluminum plate surface to be unable to be released, forcing the plate surface to yield and deform outward under the action of air. Stress deformation occurs during the assembly of the panel and the side ribs. In order to solve the thermal stress and deformation of the aluminum plate, especially when the panel uses aluminum-plastic composite panels, a circle of side ribs is added to the periphery of the unit plate. From the production process The panel is grooved and folded into a box shape on the grooving machine according to the hemming size of the board.  The other line is to cut the edge rib profile according to the required size of the plate and assemble it into an edge rib frame. Then the side rib frame is put into the box-shaped panel, and the two bodies are fixed with blind rivets. In the work site, it is often found that there are deviations in the hemming of the panel planing grooves and the side rib profiles are assembled into a frame. When the two bodies are matched, it is often found that either the frame is small or the plate hemming size is too large. In order to ensure the construction period and do not waste materials, the assembly is often forced to cause assembly stress on the board surface, either the side ribs are deformed or the board surface is deformed under pressure. This kind of plate deforms outward under the action of temperature and air expansion force.   We must use the concept of development to look at the development of aluminum curtain walls, pay attention to research technology, improve curtain wall skills, and strive to be in line with international advanced technology, so that aluminum curtain walls have a better decorative effect.
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