Design and Analysis of Aluminum Extrusion Die

by:Zeyi     2021-10-18
In recent years, with the rapid promotion of my country's large-scale infrastructure investment and industrialization process, the output and expenditure of the aluminum profile industry have increased rapidly, and my country has also become the world's largest aluminum profile production base and spending market. . After nearly 10 years of rapid growth, my country's aluminum profile industry has entered a new stage of development and has shown many new development trends. Die design is an important link. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically analyze the design of extrusion moulds and solve the problems step by step through actual production. Aluminum wholesale manufacturers are used in occasions that require high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, such as ships, automobiles, airplanes, cryogenic equipment, TV towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile parts and decks, etc. . One. Six key points of aluminum extrusion die design 1. Size analysis of aluminum extrusion The size and deviation of the extrusion are determined by the die, extrusion equipment and other related process factors. Among them, the mold size change is greatly affected, and the reasons for the mold size change are: the elastic deformation of the mold, the temperature rise of the mold, the data of the mold, the manufacturing accuracy of the mold, and the wear of the mold. (1) Selection of the tonnage of the aluminum profile extrusion machine The extrusion ratio is a numerical value to indicate the difficulty of the die to achieve extrusion. Individually, the extrusion ratio between 10-150 is practical. If the extrusion ratio is lower than 10, the mechanical performance of the product will be low; on the contrary, if the extrusion ratio is too high, the product will easily show defects such as nominal roughness or angular deviation. It is often recommended that the extrusion ratio be around 30 for solid profiles and around 45 for hollow profiles. (2) Judgment of external dimensions The external dimensions of the extrusion die refer to the outer diameter and thickness of the die. The external dimensions of the mold are judged by the size, weight and strength of the profile section. 2. Reasonable calculation of extrusion die size. When calculating die hole size, it is important to consider the chemical composition of the extruded aluminum alloy, the shape of the product, the nominal size and its allowable tolerance, the extrusion temperature, and the mold data and the mold material The linear expansion coefficient of the extruded alloy, the number and shape characteristics of the product section, and its changes during stretching and straightening, the size of the extrusion force and the elastic deformation of the mold. 3. Fairly adjust the flow rate of metal The so-called fair adjustment is to ensure that every particle on the section of the product should flow out of the die hole at the same speed under the fantasy situation. 4. Ensure sufficient mold strength. Because the working conditions of the mold during extrusion are very harsh, mold strength is a very important issue in mold design. In addition to reasonably arranging the position of the die hole, selecting the appropriate mold data, and designing the mold structure and shape reasonably, it is also very important to correctly calculate the extrusion force and check the allowable strength of each dangerous section. 5. Working belt width size to judge the working belt of the split combined mold is much more complicated than judging the working belt of the half mold. Not only must the thickness difference of the profile and the distance from the center be taken into account, but also the situation that the mold hole is concealed by the branch bridge must be taken into consideration. . 6. Die hole empty knife structure The mold hole empty knife is a cantilever support structure with the outlet end of the die hole. The evaporation area configured by aluminum row manufacturers is smaller than that of steel row pipes. 2. Common problems in mold design 1. The role of secondary welding chamber Extrusion molds play a vital role in aluminum extrusion production and directly affect the quality of extruded products. 2. The role of secondary diversion In the design of the extrusion die, a secondary diversion is adopted for solid profiles with large wall thickness differences. 3. Summary After continuous learning, accumulation, and continuous inquiry of relevant mold design materials, the mold design is optimized through reforms and refurbishment, and the actual production is used to verify the victory.
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