Design specification for main keel of stone curtain wall

by:Zeyi     2021-08-04
In the stone curtain wall double keel system, the vertical keel is connected with the building structure, and then the horizontal keel is connected to the main keel, and then the side layer is hung on the horizontal keel. This article is the main point to introduce the planning specifications and materials and processing requirements of the vertical keel. The most suitable materials for the main keel (steel frame, column) of the stone curtain wall are channel steel and rectangular steel pipe with carbon structure, and other alloy materials. According to the practicality and operability of the project, most of them are made of carbon steel. the Lord. Among them, Q235 has moderate carbon content, good generalization function, better cooperation in strength, plasticity and welding functions, and the most extensive use. Q represents the yield of steel, and the 235 at the back means that the yield of steel is around 235. In fact, as the thickness of the steel increases, its yield value decreases. ▲①Rectangular steel②Angle steel③Channel steelu200bThe wall thickness of the main section of the pillar section of the stone curtain wall aluminum profile shall be determined based on calculations, but the minimum thickness of the main force-bearing part of the data shall meet the following requirements: 1. The main force-bearing part of the column section The useful wall thickness should not be less than 3mm; 2. When threaded screws or bolts are used for force connection, the cross-sectional wall thickness of the connection part should also be determined based on calculations; 3. The width-to-thickness ratio of the cross-section flange is There are two situations, please see the hint in the figure below: ①The freely picked part of the open section requires b/t≤15 ②The closed part of the section requires b/t≤154. When two or more vertical columns are required to be connected, the center is connected. There should be a gap of not less than 15mm, and the core column should be connected. The length of the core column needs to meet the deformation and displacement requirements of the column. The core column and the column should be closely touched. At the same time, the core column and the lower column should be connected by stainless steel bolts. 5. The column is generally connected with bolts and corners, and then connected with the curtain wall embedded parts or steel components through the corners. When bolts are selected for connection, the bolt diameter should not be less than 10mm, and the connection bolts should be calculated in accordance with the current national standard 'Steel Structure Planning Code' (GB50017-2013). When using different metal materials for the upright post and corner code, use insulating gaskets to separate them. When the same carbon structural steel is used for the column and the corner code, the welding method should be used for connection. 6. The connection between the column and the main structure can be set with one or two support points on each floor according to different floor heights. When the column is made of aluminum alloy, it should be noted that the structure of the lower fulcrum angle should be planned as an elongated hole parallel to the structural wall to meet the temperature deformation requirements of the column; on the solid wall, the supporting point can be encrypted. 7. When there is one fulcrum on each floor, the column should be calculated based on simply supported single-span beams or hinged multi-span beams; when there are two support points on each floor, the columns should be calculated based on double-span beams or double-fulcrum hinged multi-span beams. 8. The upper end of the column should be hung on the main structure, and it should be planned in accordance with the partial tension members. The component loads of the stone curtain wall panels, structural columns, and structural beams should be fully considered in the calculation. 9. The anchoring strength of the connecting piece and the main body should be greater than the planned value of the bearing capacity of the connecting piece itself. The bearing capacity of the main structural part directly connected with the connecting piece shall be greater than the bearing capacity of the connecting piece. The concrete strength grade of the main concrete member connected with the curtain wall column should not be lower than C30, which meets the requirements of the 'Specification for Planning of Concrete Structures' (GB50010-2010). 10. When the distance between the curtain wall column and the main structural member is large, an excessive steel truss or steel outrigger can be set between the curtain wall column and the main structural member. The steel truss or steel outrigger should be firmly established between the main structural member and the curtain wall column. The connection and fixation constitute a stable structure itself, and the connection between the curtain wall connector and the steel truss or the steel outrigger should also be firmly connected to meet the requirements of the curtain wall structure for the load. 11. When aluminum alloy materials are used for the curtain wall columns, full consideration should be given to the effects of different deformation differences when the temperature changes of different materials are used. 12. The curtain wall column and the concrete structure are usually connected by embedded parts. Because there is often no precise positioning of the embedded parts during the civil construction period, it is generally post-embedded or connected with the main body by other methods. 13. The connection between the curtain wall and the main component should be calculated for the bearing capacity, and the bolts used for the structural force shall not be less than two. The following figure is an example of the combined use of chemical bolts and expansion bolts. The specific conditions need to be calculated in detail.
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