Detailed explanation of the imperfect technology of aluminum production equipment and overcapacity of industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-12-28
The rapid development of domestic high-speed rail is stimulating the rapid growth of the industrial aluminum market. Companies that smell cakes are stepping up to quickly produce and develop industrial aluminum, hoping to take a share in this round of high-speed rail and rail transit development atmosphere . However, is the development of this high-speed rail so stable? Of course not. The lack of technology has led to the use of all foreign brands in production equipment, although the high-speed rail and track materials have basically been made domestically. Extrusion lines and auxiliary lines are the two most important equipment for the production of industrial aluminum profile. At present, the main extrusion presses are Ube from Japan and SMS Siemag from Germany. Auxiliary are the American Glencoe and Italy's Comerto. Of course, domestically produced Conglin Aluminum also has independent research and development, but Conglin's auxiliary line equipment is also produced by Kaomato.     In short, foreign brands are far more stable and mature than domestic ones. Although domestically produced production lines can also meet the requirements, they are higher in quality and price than foreign brands, and domestically produced production lines have a shorter service life and more complicated mechanical maintenance. This is also the reason why many companies choose foreign brands. However, some private enterprises have insufficient funds and use production equipment of domestic brands.     Therefore, if China's industrial aluminum profile products are to be truly localized, they must invest more in production equipment technology, strive for technological breakthroughs, and complete the localization of production lines as soon as possible. The overcapacity problem has worsened.     some problems were exposed in the Wenzhou EMU rear-end collision in mid-2011. The speed is higher than life? the answer is negative. On August 11 of the same year, the Ministry of Railways announced that the speed will be adjusted appropriately. The speed of the Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-speed railway has dropped from 350 to 300 per hour, and the Qin-Shen and Chang-Ji expressways have dropped from 250 kilometers to 200 kilometers per hour. After a series of policy adjustments, China's high-speed rail will definitely be affected accordingly, and the demand for high-speed rail aluminum will also decline. This is a bolt from the blue for companies that are just starting out, and those who have just started industrial aluminum equipment are even more serious. It's a constant complaint.    According to industry professionals, even without the impact of this train accident, the gap between the production and use of industrial aluminum is quite large. The production capacity of aluminum profiles for high-speed rail and rail transit in China is also surplus, and it is irrational for domestic companies to target the high-speed rail market in general. In order to balance production capacity, it is necessary to continuously improve the quality of domestic aluminum processing products, enrich their varieties, improve the quality of aluminum processing types, and expand the scope of use of aluminum profiles. If the supporting facilities and technology are perfect, the production capacity of industrial aluminum can not be excessive. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it. Recommended articles: The role of industrial aluminum in the construction of high-speed rail What accessories do industrial aluminum profile profiles need?
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