Development characteristics of energy-saving building doors and windows based on thermal insulation profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-09-29
The characteristics of the development of energy-saving building doors and windows of thermal insulation profiles. Insulation profile, that is, the outer layer composed of aluminum alloy profiles, connected by non-metallic thermal insulation materials with low thermal conductivity in the middle, is a composite insulation bridge. Doors and windows, mainly aluminum is the key technical problem of traditional high thermal conductivity, poor thermal insulation, and single product. The hollow glass insulation profile used for new doors and windows has the following advantages: 1. Energy saving and prevention of condensation: its thermal conductivity coefficient K value It can reach below 3.0, effectively preventing the heat conduction inside and outside doors and windows, saving more than 45% of resources and energy, and for the interior design of doors and windows, the working temperature of the interior design surface is close to the room temperature environment, which reduces the lack of water oversaturation in the room. Condensation on doors and windows caused. The home improvement aluminum is made of aluminum panels on both sides, with a honeycomb aluminum core filled in the middle. The density of aluminum honeycomb cores on the market is usually 5*0.03 (5 is the side length of the honeycomb core, 0.03 is the thickness of the honeycomb core, the smaller the side length, the higher the density, the greater the thickness, and the higher the strength). Compared with the two materials, the functions of the two materials are the same. The PVC board is more heavy and cost-effective, while the honeycomb board has a higher environmental protection factor, but its processing is complicated and the cost is high. At present, all-aluminum household consumers generally accept these two materials. Door and window aluminum door and window materials, the material connected to the wall. Its main feature is that the surface where it meets the wall is mostly flat, which is fixed on the wall and cannot be moved. All-aluminum household aluminum panels on both sides, the PVC core filled in the middle of the PVC panels on the market, usually have a density of about 1.4-1.8 (the smaller the density, the better the quality). 2. Environmental protection and comfort: The multi-cavity structure of different hollow glass and heat-insulating aluminum profiles with a certain thickness can more effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves and prevent the transmission of Chinese sound, creating a peaceful and comfortable Room living environment. At the same time, the company saves resources and energy, which can reduce the use of air conditioning and heating system equipment. In addition, there is no aluminum profile that can be effectively recycled and reused without pollution, which is conducive to the development of environmental protection. 3. Good watertightness and airtightness: The new aluminum alloy doors and windows adopt weatherproof design, so that the wind pressure and airtightness can reach level 1, and the watertightness is i-iii. As shown in the figure, decorative performance: use different surface treatment methods, use different colors, decorate indoor and outdoor decorative effects in different styles together with surface insulation profiles. Therefore, thermally insulated aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges have become a more popular energy-saving and green environmental protection doors and windows, and they have been loved by many different consumers in China.
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