Different connection methods of aluminum profile frame

by:Zeyi     2021-07-03
The aluminum profile frame is very convenient to assemble, and it only needs to be connected with professional accessories. Today, let’s take a look at the difference between the different types of connection methods of aluminum profile frames.  From the connection mode of the industrial aluminum profile profile frame, it can be divided into internal connection and external connection; it can also be divided into processing type and non-processing type. But some are the coexistence of these two methods, we temporarily call the built-in connection processing class. Among them, the built-in connection type accessories include groove strip connectors and corner groove connectors. The production operation is very similar to the name. You only need to install the accessories in the notches of the profile and connect them closely. There are relatively more varieties of external connection accessories, including corner pieces, T-shaped L-profile connecting plates, various specifications and models of profile brackets, etc. They are particularly convenient to use, and only need to be used in conjunction with special fasteners. Just connect the profile to the profile. The built-in connection processing products are relatively stronger. The easiest way is to use bolts for punching and tapping; and the beautiful and firm use of built-in connectors. The built-in connection looks like a whistle and is used in conjunction with bolts and spring nuts , After installation, it can be hidden in the notch of the profile, which is firm and beautiful.   is a professional manufacturer of industrial aluminum profile profile production and processing, with a complete range of industrial aluminum profile accessories, welcome to inquire!
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