Do not buy aluminum alloy doors and windows cheap

by:Zeyi     2021-10-30
The market price of aluminum alloy doors and windows is very confusing. Cheap doors and windows cost 300-400 square meters, expensive doors and windows cost 800-1000 square meters, and more than 1500-2000 square meters. If you enter the door and window market, you will find cheap doors and windows everywhere... but are they really so cheap? How does this door, window and store make a profit? How much does the material cost? Is post-service guaranteed? Suppose you buy doors and windows at a relatively low price, and we don't calculate rent, design and installation costs, and after-sales service costs for door and window stores. Then, look at the accessories first. Door frames, hardware and functional accessories have never stood out. All must be purchased with money. Cheap doors and windows are usually equipped with scattered hardware accessories provided by brand suppliers. In addition to material costs, labor costs also account for a large part. In recent years, design costs, production costs, installation costs, after-sales service costs... labor costs are on the rise. This is also well known. From a product point of view, the main function of doors and windows is protection. Doors and windows should not only ensure the safety of the house, but also have multiple functions, such as sound insulation and noise reduction, heat insulation, waterproof and windproof. To achieve high-quality functions, the material cost of doors and windows cannot be saved. From the service level, what you are buying will be a set of systematic pre-sales and after-sales service and solutions, so you can not only check the price and quality of the product, but also check the smooth service of the product. Door and window brand. The usual brands are professional and provide guarantees from door-to-door measuring scales, design, installation and after-sales service. Even if you have problems, you can find a place, but the services of other brands are not so perfect. The price of doors and windows is related to the profile, process, technology and equipment used. For low-priced doors and windows, the price difference of each replacement component is between tens to hundreds, while the performance of high-end door and window components will naturally vary several times or even ten times. In addition, buying low-quality doors and windows at low prices may last three to five years, while high-quality doors and windows may last 20 to 30 years. Which is more profitable? Which one is the safest for your consumer rights? think about it!
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