Door and window aluminum profile manufacturers need to reform and innovate and seek development

by:Zeyi     2021-08-21
Nowadays, door and window aluminum profile manufacturers are facing more and more severe tests and make early changes. Taking the lead in reform and innovation can find a new way out for enterprises. In fact, as a leader of a company, it is undoubtedly the most clear as a leader of the company's shortcomings or areas that need to be corrected. If the product structure fails, the company must adjust. The company's products are quite good, but they can't be sold, that is, there are problems with marketing, and marketing research must be conducted. If there is a problem with the management of the enterprise, then the enterprise must reform the enterprise management and carry out cost control. In short, find the problem and solve the problem. In the development process of aluminum profile manufacturers, it is not terrible to encounter problems. The terrible thing is to hide the problems and avoid them. When an enterprise encounters problems in its development, it is the most correct way to face it actively and solve the problem.  1. Service (personalized customization attracts much attention)    With the enhancement of consumer awareness, the personalized customization of doors and windows is favored by the market. Judging from the customized cards played by most major brands at the Shanghai Construction Expo in March and the Guangzhou Construction Expo in July, the customization trend in the door and window industry will continue to prevail in the next 3-5 years.  Second, products (European doors and windows have the widest user base)   Looking at the door and window market, most of the 80 and 90 young consumer groups have the right to talk about home improvement, and consumers who pay attention to style design when buying doors and windows account for 60.6%. Some experts predict that this proportion will continue to expand due to the improvement of people's living standards and the further development of the door and window industry. After investigation, European style, new Chinese style, modernist style, etc. have become several styles that young consumers like. Among them, 55% of consumers have a soft spot for European style. Therefore, the user group of European-style doors and windows is quite broad.  3. Policies (The cooling of the property market affects the development of the door and window industry)   The government has issued real estate market regulation policies, which regulates loans and purchases, land supply, market supervision and other aspects. Under the regulation of the New Deal, the price increase of new and second-hand houses in first-tier cities and second-tier cities generally narrowed month-on-month, and the overall property market across the country has experienced a significant cooling. The cooling of the property market has triggered a series of changes in related industries, and the door and window industry as a downstream real estate industry is no exception. According to expert analysis, the policy introduced is a blow to real estate speculators, but the impact on those who just need home buyers is not great. For door and window companies, the target audience is these rigid demanders. Only consumers with rigid demand for housing will spend their thoughts on the purchase and decoration of doors and windows. Policies have been introduced to curb housing prices and crack down on real estate speculation. Therefore, the overall cost of buying a house has dropped, and people who really want to buy a house increase, and they will look at the timing to buy a house; but for the real estate speculators, the housing prices of the houses they own have fallen, and the profits from selling them It's not high, so it won't be easy, but will be rented out after simple decoration. As a result, whether it is a rigid demander or a real estate group, the demand and investment for doors and windows will rise, which is conducive to the development of the door and window industry to a certain extent. In this regard, what aluminum door and window manufacturers have to do is to strengthen themselves, start from the aspects of products and services, and strive for progress while steadily. Fourth, the market (the price of raw materials rises)    the raw materials of aluminum doors and windows have risen, and the prices of PVC, glass, plastics, aluminum, iron, carton, stainless steel and other materials are all increasing in price, which has also brought about the development of the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry. Certain influence. Regarding the increase in raw material prices, many big brands are still cautious in raising prices. Considering the influence of the market, many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing market pressure and are looking for a way out. In order to reduce costs, shoddy products have also occurred. From the perspective of long-term development, shoddy will only speed up the pace of elimination. There are also many companies that choose to reduce internal costs and other methods to absorb part of the rising costs, so as to minimize the pressure caused by material price increases.   In the end, a direct result is that the entire aluminum door and window industry will be reshuffled, and the survival of the fittest will play a role in optimizing the market.
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