Factors affecting powder consumption in aluminum profile spraying

by:Zeyi     2021-08-17
The surface of aluminum alloy extruded profiles is untreated, the appearance is simple, and it is easy to corrode in the humid atmosphere. Therefore, aluminum profiles generally need to be surface treated, and powder spraying is currently a major trend in the development of aluminum profiles. Electrostatic powder coating uses the induction effect of a high-voltage electric field to induce the powder coating and the object to be charged with opposite charges to each other, thereby adsorbing the charged powder coating to the oppositely charged object, and then the powder coating A coating method in which a coating film is obtained through melting, leveling, baking and solidification.  Powder spraying has the following advantages: ①The surface is rich in color and soft texture; ②Good corrosion resistance, not easy to be contaminated; ③Good weather resistance, shelf life of more than 10 years; ④The powder coating is durable and easy to produce. Therefore, powder coatings have developed rapidly since they were applied to aluminum profiles. Especially in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions, the market share of powder-coated aluminum profiles has exceeded 60%.   With the implementation of the national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy, as well as the increased awareness of cost control by aluminum profile companies, reducing powder consumption in aluminum profile spraying is an important direction for energy saving, emission reduction and cost reduction.   There are many factors that affect the powder consumption in the spraying of aluminum profiles, and there are two major aspects. On the one hand: it is related to the nature of the powder coating itself, on the other hand: it is closely related to the powder spraying process, such as the spraying process conditions, the distance between the workpieces, the use status of the equipment, the operating level of the employees, and so on.
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