Factors affecting the load-bearing capacity of aluminum profile frames

by:Zeyi     2021-07-09
Recently, many customers come to inquire about the load-bearing issues of aluminum profiles, such as how is the load-bearing capacity of the 4040 profile? How about the 1.3-meter load-bearing of the 4080 profile? of. Strictly speaking, there is no way to calculate the load-bearing problem of a single profile. The specifics depend on the structure of the aluminum profile frame. Let me explain to you the factors affecting the load-bearing capacity of the aluminum frame. 1. Support the stress point. Each frame has its own supporting point. If the profile used for the supporting point meets the load-bearing requirements, other frame structures can also meet the needs. The calculation of the supporting point is expressed by the amount of force and deformation. It is necessary to know the profile specification, length, load and fixing method, and calculate according to the formula. 2. Profile specifications. Although there is no way to calculate the load-bearing problem for a single profile, each profile has its own load-bearing range. Generally speaking, the larger the profile specification, the better the load-bearing capacity. Therefore, a frame made of large-size profiles is much better than a frame made of small-size profiles. This is also the reason why the large-scale equipment racks are made of profiles with only specifications, which are heavy-bearing, strong and not easy to shake. 3. The complexity of the frame structure. The frame is divided into a longitudinal support frame and a horizontal support frame. Every time a frame is added, it means that the load-bearing capacity may increase a little. When you see this, someone will ask, is it possible to add it infinitely? In fact, it is not. First, consider the aesthetics, and second, consider the cost. For example, if you use 4040 light profile and 4040 medium profile to build the frame, according to the same load-bearing requirements, at this time, although the unit price of 4040 light is lower than 4040 medium, the calculation cost of 4040 light is much higher than 4040 medium, so 4040 will be chosen later. Medium profile. The above is the content. If you have any questions, please come to consult. Aluminum profile manufacturers for more than 16 years have customized aluminum profile frames, equipment hoods, assembly line workbenches, etc. on demand, and provide design solutions. Welcome to consult.
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