Factors affecting the yield of aluminum profiles produced by aluminum profile extruders

by:Zeyi     2021-07-07
A high-quality aluminum profile extruder is a necessary condition to ensure the yield of aluminum profile products. When aluminum profile manufacturers buy aluminum profile extruders, they must want to increase the product yield, the level of product yield and equipment The quality of itself is inseparable, but there are also some factors that are easy to ignore, which leads to the low yield. I will tell you some factors that affect the yield and the knowledge on how to improve the yield:   What are the factors that affect the yield?   1. The quality of the aluminum ingot directly determines the yield after extrusion.  2. The importance of the mold, the mold is related to the quality of the extruded product, the higher the qualified rate of the product, the higher the yield.  3. Choose suitable extrusion equipment to produce different products, and the specifications of the extrusion equipment used are also different. Only by using the appropriate extrusion equipment can the yield rate be high without causing waste.  4. The skill and sense of responsibility of the operators also affect the yield rate.  How to improve the yield rate of aluminum extrusion? 1. First choose high-quality aluminum ingots. Aluminum ingots are the raw material for the production of aluminum profiles. Choosing high-quality aluminum ingots that are alloyed, refined and homogenized can reduce surface cracks, pores and pits on the product surface, and improve the finished product. rate. 2. Appropriately increase the extrusion coefficient and increase the extrusion yield. Each aluminum manufacturer has a series of extrusion models. Each aluminum manufacturer depends on the extrusion ratio of the product, the length of the cooling bed, the diameter of the circumscribed circle, and the extrusion cylinder Length and diameter, etc., reasonably determine which extruder the product will be produced on. Practice has proved that when products of the same specification are produced on extruders of different tonnages, due to the different extrusion coefficients, the organization, performance and production efficiency of the products will have a great impact, and the yield will also be different.
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