Five characteristics of aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-06-17
Aluminum profiles are more and more widely used. So, what are the characteristics of aluminum profiles? The editor is here to talk to everyone: the five characteristics of aluminum profiles:    1. Light weight (density 2.702g/cm3); 2. Easy processing; 3. Good corrosion resistance; 4. Good weather resistance; 5. No magnetism; 6. Abundant resources (the annual output of aluminum is second only to steel and the second largest in the world).   2. Aluminum surface mechanical finishing: 1. Polishing 2. Brushing and satin finish; 3. Silk grain; 4. Sandblasting; 5. Spiral polishing; 6. Three-dimensional polishing.   Three. Chemical finishing of aluminum surface: 1. Chemical degreasing; 2. Whitening; 3. Chemical polishing; 4. Chemical sanding; 5. Chemical satin; 6. Milky white and pearlescent.   Fourth, electrochemical finishing of aluminum: 1. Electrolytic polishing; 2. Anodizing; 3. Rapid oxidation and high temperature oxidation; 4. Milky white oxidation; 5. Pattern oxidation; 6. Porcelain oxidation; 7. Sealing of oxide film.   5. Aluminum coloration: 1. Electrolytic coloring; 2. Oxidation dyeing; 3. Special effect dyeing; 4. Chemical coloring.
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