Five development directions of aluminum profiles in the future

by:Zeyi     2021-08-08
According to the prediction of relevant experts, the future aluminum profile will develop in five aspects:   1. Matte surface aluminum profile. The frosted surface aluminum profile avoids the shortcomings of bright alloy profiles forming light pollution under certain environmental conditions in architectural decoration. Its surface is delicate and soft, which is very popular in the market. However, the existing frosted aluminum profile has the shortcomings of uneven surface sand and visible frosting.  2. Multi-tone surface aluminum profile. At present, the monotonous silver-white color of aluminum profiles can no longer meet the requirements of building exterior wall decorative tiles and exterior wall latex paint. The new aluminum profile has stainless steel, champagne, golden yellow and other tones, plus the color of colored glass, can make the building decoration effect more ideal.   3. Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum profile. The powder electrostatic spraying aluminum profile has excellent corrosion resistance, and its resistance to alkali and salt spray is much better than that of anodized aluminum profile. Since the production of this aluminum profile adopts green environmental protection technology, it has a small footprint, simple process flow, convenient operation, energy and resource saving, low investment, quick effect, high spraying efficiency, and wide application. It has been adopted by all over the world.  4. Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramics and electrophoretic painted aluminum profiles. It has more than 20 colors, can be colored like printed cloth according to needs, the aluminum profile is colorful, and the decorative effect is excellent. Because the surface of the aluminum profile is a ceramic film formed by high-density energy arc discharge sintering, it has high smoothness, thick film, and high-quality corrosion-resistant. This technology has passed the appraisal of the Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection and has been identified as a new generation technology for positive oxidation.   5. Electrophoretic painted aluminum profiles. The surface of electrophoretic painted aluminum profile is soft and can resist the erosion of cement, mortar and acid rain.
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