Five ways to identify true and false broken aluminum doors and windows

by:Zeyi     2021-09-30
First, steal the beams and change the pillars: replace the glass fiber reinforced polyamide nylon insulation tape with non-structural materials and low-cost pvc insulation strips, which is widely recognized in Europe. Coefficient of linear expansion (8). Polyvinyl chloride's 3*10-5K-1 and linear expansion coefficient (2). (5) Aluminum alloy. After the composite PVC insulation strip passes through the steel strip, it has many defects such as low strength and poor aging resistance, resulting in insulation doors and windows made of broken aluminum profiles. After actual installation and use, thermal expansion and cold contraction will cause the PVC insulation tape to loosen or even fall off completely on the aluminum profile of the broken bridge. In the lighter case, it will become loose and deformed, thereby destroying the air tightness and water tightness of the doors and windows. Loosen and separate. The second is to hide the world from the ocean: At present, in the broken bridge aluminum door and window project, aluminum profiles with different wall thicknesses, especially aluminum profiles less than 1.4mm, are used as thermal insulation broken bridge aluminum profiles, which are very strong Because of its concealment, the owner of the broken bridge aluminum door and window project can only identify the profile before processing. Third, fish in troubled waters: The usual door and window projects should be inspected by a strict national performance testing agency, and the test report should be used as the performance test report of the finished door and window. However, the test data of this raw material can only reflect its material performance, and the performance of the hot extrusion and cooling product will change greatly. Fourth, speculation: After fully studying and mastering the huge performance difference between PVC insulation tape, domestic nylon insulation tape and imported nylon 66 insulation tape, some broken bridge aluminum doors and windows companies have adopted a compromise solution that is both economical and relatively safe: The window frame aluminum profile adopts low-quality and low-cost PVC or domestic nylon insulation tape, and the window frame aluminum profile adopts high-quality imported nylon 66 insulation tape. They believe that: the window frame aluminum profile is fixed on the wall, even if there is a quality risk, there will be no major problems, and the window frame aluminum profile has an active and independent bearing capacity, so it cannot but dare not have quality risks. Responsible for product quality and a professional attitude to the quality of life are the principles of construction companies. Otherwise, even if the relevant standards are released in vain, the standards are formulated to test the quality of the products. Without quality awareness, everything will become fake. Fifth, the composition of digital electrostatic spraying and electrophoretic coating are also different on the cross-sectional surface. The former is a physical change, and the latter is a chemical change. The electrophoresis process was established in the 1960s and was used by Ford Motor Company as a primer for automobiles. Because of its excellent anti-fading, anti-corrosion and other functions, it has been widely used in the military industry. In recent years, it has only been used for surface treatment of doors and windows. Because of its excellent quality and high environmental performance, it is gradually replacing traditional spray paint. Electrophoresis means that under the action of voltage, the charged coating ions move to the cathode and interact with the alkali generated on the surface of the cathode to form insoluble substances, so that the coating is deposited on the aluminum alloy surface.
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