Heart of doors and windows: what should you pay attention to when buying door and window hardware?

by:Zeyi     2021-12-23
Hardware accessories (handles, hinges, pulleys, sealing strips, etc.) are the main components for opening, closing and fixing aluminum alloy doors and windows. Different types of windows can be equipped with different hardware accessories. Door and window hardware is a well-deserved heart of doors and windows. Its quality The effect affects the effect and service life of doors and windows. What should I pay attention to when purchasing door and window hardware accessories?   1, handle    handle is used in casement windows, the main function is to press the sash on the window frame when the casement sash is closed to achieve a sealing effect. Consumers should pay attention to the observation that the surface is flat, free of burrs, the handle has a sense of weight, and the coating surface is uniform.  2, Hinge:    is used for casement doors and windows. Consumers can observe the materials of the hinges when purchasing. They are made of copper, iron-plated copper, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy extruded materials. Avoid using zinc alloy cast hinges.  3. Sliding support:    is a device that supports the casement window sash to realize the opening and closing and positioning. It is better for consumers to choose stainless steel materials when purchasing. There should be no defects such as scratches, sharp edges, burrs, etc. on the surface. When the sliding support is opened and closed, a little resistance is sufficient.  4. Pulley:    bear the weight of each sliding door and window and move it horizontally. Consumers should pay attention to the material of the pulley frame and whether the pulleys use needle bearings or ball bearings when purchasing. The pulleys for sliding doors should be heavy-duty door pulleys, and they must not be replaced by sliding window pulleys.  5. Half-moon lock:    is mostly a hook lock between fans. Consumers should choose stainless steel or aluminum alloy.  6. u200bu200bHinge:    requires a three-pronged hinge with high strength, strong load-bearing capacity, convenient disassembly and assembly, flexible opening and closing, and noise reduction.  7. Sealing strip:    Because the combination of the door and the door panel is a hard hit between the plates, the instantaneous noise of closing the door is as high as about 120 decibels, which seriously affects physical and mental health. The use of high-strength sealing strips does not react with the paint, ensuring the smoothness of the painted surface. And it also has the characteristics of shock absorption, noise reduction, sealing, sound insulation, and moisture resistance. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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